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Hot Streaks and Achievements

  • NFL Game of the Year 11-1 last 12 years (2009-20)
  • Ranked #1 in NCAA FB two straight years (2000-01)
  • Subject of an ESPN Magazine feature story, 2010


Tom Stryker built the world’s most valuable handicapping database, and his proprietary knowledge has been lucrative for his ever-loyal clientele.

Active since:  1984

Location:  South Bend, IN

Tom Stryker’s achieved virtually everything in his storied career.  After all, he’s the only handicapper to have ever won back-to-back NCAA Football titles at The Sports Monitor.  And he’s also on an 11-year streak where he’s cashed his NFL Game of the Year!  But perhaps Tom’s greatest accomplishment is that he built (with Tom Scott) the famous Buckeye Database.  Indeed, no less than ESPN Magazine has called Tom the “keymaster for what may be the world’s most valuable sports handicapping database.”

Tom’s been involved with sports his entire life.  He played baseball at Indiana, and entered the sports handicapping business in 1984, when he worked with Tom Scott’s Buckeye Sports.  After 15 years, Tom broke away to form his own service in 1999.  Tom’s success was instantaneous.  He finished #1 in College Football in both 2000 and 2001 at The Sports Monitor, as he hit 68.3 and 61.5 percent those two seasons.  Then, in 2003, Tom was once again dialed in on the College gridiron, as Tom’s TOP College play posted an incredible 11-3 ATS record for 79 percent. That’s not the best part. Tom’s “play on” side in those 11 victories outscored its opponent 531-162!  That’s an average whipping of 48.3 to 14.7!  Beyond College Football, Tom recorded an array of Top 12 finishes including:  28-12 for 70.0 percent in the 2000 NBA Playoffs (#2), 4-0 for 100 percent in the 2001 NFL Playoffs (#1), 23-12 for 65.7 percent in the 2002 NBA Playoffs (#5), 52-36 for 59.1 percent in the 2001-02 College Basketball season (#2), 8-3 for 72.7 percent in the 2002 College Bowl Season (#3), 5-1 for 83.3 percent in the 2004 NFL Playoffs (#3) and 40-31 with a 6.64 percent return on risk and a net profit of $3,976 in the 2003 MLB season!  

Those early years cemented Tom as one of the most talented handicappers in the world.  And the winning has never stopped.  Let’s check out what Tom has done lately.  On December 15, 2019, Tom cashed his 7* NFL Game of the Year when New England (-10) blasted Cincinnati 34-13.  That blowout victory was Tom’s 11th consecutive NFL Game of the Year payday.  It should be noted that those 11 wins came by an average of 23.2 points per game!  In 2018, in the First and Second rounds of the NCAA Tournament, Tom posted a golden 12-0, 100% ATS record for +34.0 stars.  Big Dance bettors made a small fortune in that blistering four-day run.  For example, customers who invested $100 per star pocketed a cool, crisp $3,400!  Also in 2018, Stryker enjoyed a stunning gridiron run that raised plenty of eyebrows.  From September 22 through December 17, Tom assembled a jaw-dropping 62-28-5, 68.9% ATS record for +54.1 net stars.  This spectacular football run stands as one of Stryker’s best ever!  And three years ago, Tom found plenty of Best Bet success on the football field. From October 28th, 2017 to January 1st, 2018, Stryker compiled a lucrative 49-25-2, 66.2 ATS record for +78.7 stars.  On Best Bets rated 4*(and higher) in that run, Tom posted a reliable 15-5-1, 70% ATS mark!  With 36 years of hard-earned experience, and an unmatched work ethic, there’s no doubt Tom’s success will continue.  

Tom’s plays are rated as high as 7*, but most fall into the 1* to 5* range.  Tom considers any selection rated 3* and higher to be very strong plays.  It is imperative that clients play Tom’s selections as they are rated.  For example, if you were playing $100 per star, you would invest $300 on a 3* release, $500 on a 5* release and $700 on a 7* release.

NFL System of the Week - Monday Night Football

Thursday, Oct 29, 2020

MONDAY NIGHT NFL ROAD WARRIORAnytime you see a Monday night home dog, the knee-jerk reaction is to jump all over it.  From 1980 to 2000, teams in this simple situation owned a profitable 66-39 ATS record for 62.8 percent.  In case you haven’t been paying attention, that “old school” situation has hit the skids.  Since 2001, NFL Monday night home pups are on a dismal 47-62 ATS run for 43.1 percent and it’s time for investors to think differently. When I approached the Team Stryker Database this week,  I decided I wanted to flip things around.  Instead of looking at these home dogs, I decided to analyze how effective road favorites were under the Monday night lights.  At first, there wasn’t much.  Then I stumbled across the following money-making situation.  Check out this beauty: Since 1980, PLAY ON any Monday night road favorite priced at -3 or more provided their opponent arrives off a straight up loss and owns a team won/loss percentage of .334 or less.40 Year ATS Record = 40-17-1 ATS for 70.1 percent This Week’s Play = TAMPA BAYThis is a basic set of parameters that really turned a nice profit.  It’s simply a good road team favored over a lesser opponent that takes the field without confidence off a straight up loss. There is one way to make this primetime system even better.  If our “play on” guest owns a pointspread won/loss percentage less than .630 – so they’re not a covering machine – this Monday Night NFL Road Warrior situation tightens up to a lucrative 30-7 ATS including a jaw-dropping 21-1 ATS if their opponent arrives off a competitive loss of 13 points or less.  The Buccaneers fit both of those money-making parameters. Forget about the Monday night home dog.  It’s not clicking any more.  Instead, lay the lumber with Tom Brady and the Bucs on Monday night and ride this new awesome system home.

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2020 NCAA Football: Fast-developing Trends in the Covid-era

Wednesday, Oct 07, 2020

As a college football nation, we are obviously fighting through a very difficult time.  There are limited (or no) fans in the stands, an abundance of testing and several concerns floating around every college team on a weekly basis.  Until the man upstairs decides to bless us with a vaccine or a weakening of this ugly virus, we’ll be forced to adapt our handicapping styles and conform to what may, or may not, be working at the time.The Team Stryker Database has been a lifesaver this football season.  What would normally take hours to research, is available at the click of a button in a matter of seconds.  Earlier this week, I created a COVID-19 set of games and tried to find money-making opportunities within them.  All results listed are from kickoff of the 2020 season through Wednesday, October 7th. PLAY AGAINST any 2020 college favorite priced at -4 or more if they are playing a conference opponent.2020 Record = 33-13-1 ATS for 71.7 percent PLAY AGAINST any 2020 college team if they take the field off a SU and ATS win.2020 Record = 20-10 ATS for 66.7 percent PLAY AGAINST any 2020 college favorite priced at -11 or more.2020 Record = 34-16 ATS for 68.0 percent PLAY AGAINST any 2020 college guest provided they arrive with momentum off a straight up win.2020 Record = 20-8 ATS for 71.4 percent PLAY ON any 2020 college football home dog if they are battling a conference foe.2020 Record = 17-5-1 ATS for 77.2 percent As you can see from the results listed above, the dogs are barking this football season.  Of course, it’s early.  These are simply trends that have developed out of the gate.  As teams progress through the year and offenses and defenses mature, these technical situations will likely change.  The results are certainly interesting and definitely worth noting at least for now. Next week, I’ll be back with a look at what’s working during these COVID-19 times in the NFL.  Best of luck as always men!

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NCAA Football Handicapping: Game 2 Hangover

Tuesday, Aug 04, 2020

Season openers in college football are never easy to handicap.  Unlike the NFL, there are no exhibition games.Some analysts will argue that the second game of the year is even more difficult.  There is a tendency to either overreact or underreact to a teams’ performance in their opener.  Personally, I believe college teams are never as good (or as bad) as they’ve looked in their first game and their true ability to play likely rests somewhere in between.It would be difficult to argue the point that conference games in a season opener take on a greater level of importance.  Losing your first game of the season would be tough.  Dropping that battle to a conference foe would make the beating even worse.Wondering if there was any value in taking (or fading) a team coming off a conference war in their season opener, I turned to the Team Stryker Database  and found an excellent wagering situation that is worth noting.  Here it is:  Since 1980, PLAY AGAINST any college football home underdog or favorite of -19 or less in their second game of the year provided they opened against a conference foe and their opponent is competing in their second game.39 Year ATS Record = 64-37 ATS for 63.3 percentIt makes perfect sense.  Off an emotional battle against a conference foe in their season opener, our host struggles to match that intensity in their second game of the year.  There are a couple of parameters that can be added to this technical situation that really make it pop.  If our “play against” home team is NOT going into revenge and is facing a foe that is NOT off a blowout win of seven points or more, this system drops to a shocking 9-30 ATS.  Good luck, as always,Tom Stryker

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