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Will “the Coach” Rogers’ conservative approach to sports wagering has produced outsized rewards.

Active since:  2013

Location:  Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Will “the Coach” Rogers has worked hard his entire life and has achieved success at every level.  Today, Will’s featured on all of the biggest professional handicapping sites in the world, which is a testament to his effort and results.  At the root of Will’s philosophy is that he believes there is always value somewhere, and he wants to help you find it.  Rogers is here to serve as your personal guide through the often confusing world of sports investing, navigating through both opportunities and pitfalls with one goal in mind — to help you make money.

A "Mr. Wolf" of sorts, these are some of the many attributes Rogers brings to the table:

Success:  a proven winner in every walk of life.

Vision:  a laser-like ability to focus on relevant data.

Resources:  team of proven handicappers; vast network of contacts.

Prior to committing full-time to handicapping, Will had a diverse career.  Five years in university.  Five years in research (quantitative analysis).  Twenty-five years in his second passion: running ever-larger high-end kitchens.  Then, next, working as a trouble shooter, analyzing and resolving issues in failing workplaces.  Along the way, he's rubbed shoulders with the rich and big players — royalty, sometimes.  After achieving stellar results over the past seven years, Will has no doubt this will be the last stage of a rich and rewarding life.

Rogers takes pride in his extensive knowledge about every team on the board.  He has a wide variety of proven handicapping techniques in his arsenal.  Knowing when to utilize and employ each technique is key.  Quite frankly, methods will vary from day-to-day and sport-to-sport.  Nothing works forever.  An ability to shift on the fly and to adjust to changing market conditions keeps Rogers ahead of the curve.

Having witnessed others done in by mismanaging their money, Rogers takes a conservative, long-term approach to investing in sports.  A 10* rated play represents just 0.5 percent of his bankroll.  He's not interested in unnecessary risk and/or high volatility.  Supremely confident in his abilities, he keeps his wager sizes to a minimum and relatively consistent — content in the knowledge that his long-term strategy will produce profits.

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NFL Draft Betting

Monday, Apr 05, 2021

Less than a month to go until the Great Quarterback Draft of 2021. Trade rumors, actual trades, disinformation campaigns, a suspected second-round talent may be going in the top 3. And a prop betting market that will be centered around who will be the SECOND quarterback off the board.Some things for bettors to ponder:1.      WHAT WE KNOW FOR CERTAIN – Barring injury or illness, Trevor Lawrence will be under center when his Jacksonville Jaguars travel to Cincinnati in Week 1. It will be a battle between back-to-back overall No. 1 picks, assuming the Bengals’ Joe Burrow continues to make progress rehabbing his ACL-damaged left knee; surgery took place on Dec. 2, which would make the recovery approximately eight months. Pushing it a bit, but Burrow is reportedly running and ahead of schedule. There is no money to be made on Lawrence; the former Clemson is -10,000 at most books to go No. 1 overall. Passing on Lawrence would set up Urban Meyer as the guy who didn’t draft the NFL’s version of Michael Jordan.2.      THE FUN STARTS AT NO. 2 – The Jets had Lawrence in the palms of their hands last December but messed things up by beating the Chargers just before Christmas and the Browns just after – gift-wrapping him and giving him to the stunned but appreciative Jaguars. So the Jets have to settle, and the betting favorite is BYU’s Zach Wilson, who is listed at about -500 to New York in many books. There are reports that the Jets, who look ready to part ways with 2018 No. 3 overall pick Sam Darnold, are locked in on Wilson.3.      WHITHER THE 49ERS AT NO. 3? – If the 49ers are trying to confuse everyone, they’re doing a great job of it. Through a trade with the Dolphins (who are now committed 100 percent to Tua Tagovailoa), Frisco is now in a position to jettison injury-in-waiting Jimmy Garoppolo and draft his successor. The question now is who gets to wear that 49ers baseball cap on April 29? If we knew a month ago that SF would somehow swipe No. 3, we would have figured Ohio State’s Justin Fields would be gold at +2000. But now word out of the Bay Area is that Alabama’s Mac Jones is the guy. Sports Betting Dime lists Jones now at +125 to San Francisco. The big question with Jones: Are his college stats a mirage because Alabama’s receivers were so good, or are the receivers’ stats so impressive because Jones is so accurate?4.      WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE FIELDS? – Say hello to the Atlanta Falcons, who could throw a grenade into the draft by moving down and out of the No. 4 spot and opt to build around veteran Matt Ryan. Might be tempting for the Falcons to move down in the first, take impact TE Kyle Pitts, and add draft capital in the process. That scenario gained some steam this past week when questions arose about Fields’s alleged poor work ethic. Denials poured in soon after, but the balloon might have already been popped. You can get Fields at +180 at No. 4, though.5.      IF NOT ATLANTA, THEN WHO? – If Fields is still on the board after Atlanta picks, the next three teams (assuming no trades) up are Cincinnati, Miami, and Detroit – all of whom are set at the QB position. The spotlight then shines on Carolina. Most mock drafts don’t see the uber-athletic Fields dropping past the Panthers, but North Dakota State’s Trey Lance is a possibility if the Fields rumors gain some traction over the next few weeks.6.      WHO ELSE IS HUNTING FOR A QB? – Denver at No. 9 looks ready to go big for a quarterback and trade talk is swirling in Colorado, though it appears their hope that Jones would fall to them appears dim. The 800-pound gorilla in the room, though, is New England. Bill Belichick has famously never drafted a QB in the first round, but there is talk about the Patriots breaking precedent and actually moving up for a QB. Belichick was present for Jones’s Pro Day workout, and the team ignored Fields’s session that was held the same day. That could be just a misdirection play called by the Pats. Whatever the strategy, everyone will be keeping a close eye on New England as the draft nears.7.      THEN THERE’S THIS – Only twice before have QBs gone 1-2-3 in the draft. Tim Couch, Donovan McNabb, and Akili Smith were the first three off the board in 1999, with only McNabb finding success. This year’s teams are hoping for something like the 1971 draft, when Jim Plunkett, Archie Manning, and Dan Pastorini were first, second, and third. History tells us it is likely that at least a few teams picking QBs early this time will be asking themselves, five years down the road, “What were we thinking?” No one wants to be remembered as the guy who drafted the next Couch, Heath Schuler, Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell, Andre Ware, or Johnny Manziel – picks that set their franchises back for years. Caveat emptor.

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Harden For MVP?

Thursday, Apr 01, 2021

One of the few certainties in the NBA is that if you put the ball in the hands of James Harden enough, numbers will accumulate at a rapid rate. Points, of course, but also assists. Opponents will foul him, leading to embarrassing numbers of free throws.You may not give him style points for his ball-dominant isolation style, but when the day is done you can’t argue with the numbers.And because of those numbers, Harden is making the argument – both on the court and to the media – that no one else in the Association is more valuable to his team than he is to the Brooklyn Nets."Do I feel like I belong in it? I feel like I am the MVP," Harden said after he dropped an easy 44 on the Pistons' heads. "I mean, it's just that simple. I don't want to be speaking individually on myself. I am just going to leave it at that." Not leaving it at that, he added: "Numbers are showing it for itself, and we're winning. That's all I can say."Oddsmakers, who had been pushing back against the Harden MVP talk, are just now starting to come around. Listed at +900 only a few weeks again and a pedestrian fifth behind Nikola Jokic, LeBron James, Joel Embiid, and Giannis Antetokounmpo among betting favorites, Harden is now second, at +700.Harden has finished second in the MVP voting three times, and his scoring this year is actually down a bit from the season (2017-18) that he actually won it. But his assists and rebounding totals are higher, and he takes fewer shots – of course, that will happen when you are on the court with two other future Hall of Famers in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.With Durant injured and Irving missing games simply because he’s Irving and that’s what Irving does, the spotlight has been on Harden. And if you believe, like more than a few voters, that the MVP award should go to the best player on the best team, consider that the Nets recently took over first place in the Eastern Conference, and with James and Anthony Davis limping around out West, Brooklyn is now the betting favorite to win the championship.People outside of New York City may not like the way Harden gave up on the Rockets and shot his way out of town after a few weeks this season, but the NBA is what it is, and if it’s results you want, Harden gives them to you.Early MVP buzz centered around Philly’s Embiid, who pre-All Star game was having a career year and leading the 76ers to the top of the East (again, the best player on the best team). But a bone bruise sent Embiid to the sidelines, and by the time he returns he will have missed more than one-fourth of the season with injuries as the Sixers have fallen behind the Nets.Jokic’s Nuggets are a distant 22/1 to win the title, oddsmakers figuring that they would have to pull two major series upsets to even get to the Finals. Then there’s this – if the MVP Award goes to the league’s most valuable player, pull Harden off the Nets and you still have a team that could easily to the Finals. Subtract Jokic from Denver and the Nuggets are a lottery team.But if you want to take the Harden approach and compare numbers, Jokic has a pretty strong argument. He scores (27.2 per game) more than Harden, he rebounds (11.1) more than Harden and he is sixth in the league in assists at 8.6 (behind five guards, one of them being Harden). Plus, Jokic basically brought a slow-starting Nuggets team back from the dead. Denver is on pace to win 45 games in the 72-game season and has a puncher’s chance to finish as high as second in the West. Because of Jokic, mainly.Embiid is likely to be babied by the Sixers for the rest of the season. James also knows nothing much matters until the playoffs, and in Milwaukee, Antetokounmpo won’t be going pedal to the metal after winning the award in each of the last two seasons. So it looks like Jokic and Harden in a match race as the NBA season heads to the backstretch.

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NFL Free Agency: Rebuilding the Patriots

Tuesday, Mar 16, 2021

Bill Belichick and his family have deep ties to the Naval Academy, but still, who could have predicted that he would spend like a drunken sailor at the beginning of free agency? It had to be all hands on deck in the Patriots front office this week as they reviewed contracts of a slew of free agents signings when Belichick started re-stocking the shelves on Monday.New tight ends, pass rushers, offensive linemen, wide receivers all rushed through the gates in Foxboro as the Belichick Athletic Club put on a new face after a disaster (for the Pats, anyway) of a season. Seven wins might be cause for celebration in Jacksonville, Detroit, or among Jets fans, but that doesn’t cut it in New England.Oddsmakers who listed New England at 30/1 and even as high as 40/1 to win the Super Bowl next February are no doubt scrambling a bit as they make at least some minor adjustments to reflect the fact that Belichick is tired of being a punching bag and Will Not Take It On The Chin Again this coming fall.But as they assess the re-tooled Pats, Cappers will notice one glaring omission – namely, that New England still doesn’t a quality quarterback, and without a transmission even a Lamborghini is worthless. To say that Cam Newton was mediocre last season would be doing a solid for the former NFL MVP. There were times when he was just awful, and there were times when it was worse than that.But barring a trade for a quarterback, Belichick is pushing his chips all-in on Newton, gambling that last season – no off-season OTAs, restricted training camp, Newton’s bout with Covid, a roster torn apart by virus opt-outs, and one of the worst skill-position groups in franchise history – all conspired against him, and that the football gods will pay him back 10-fold this time around. The Patriots do know that Newton is enormously popular in the locker room, and that has to count for something.And that locker room will have plenty of new faces. Newton will finally have a viable tight end (Jonnu Smith, ex of the Titans) after two early-round draft picks last year were washouts. The receiving corps looks like it will get a complete revamp with the arrivals of Nelson Agholor from the Raiders and Kendrick Bourne from the 49ers. And you can add to that whatever Pats vet Julian Edelman has left in the tank after missing the entire 2020 season with an injury.After getting little pressure on opposing quarterbacks, Belichick bought in four A-level defenders – pass rusher Matthew Judon from the Ravens, ex-Dolphin tackle Davon Godchaux, defensive back Jalen Mills from the Eagles, and tackle Henry Anderson, ex of the Jets.Add to that mix the return of all seven of the eight players who opted out last season due to Covid (OT Marcus Canon returned, then was dealt to Houston), and the team that will take the field on opening day in Atlanta will bear little resemblance to the one that limped off the field in Foxboro last Jan. 3. It had better. Last year’s defense gave up 353 points, the most by a NE team since the 1990 version allowed 446 on the way to a 1-15 season.Psychologists might tell you that the Patriot spending spree was caused by Belichick’s envy in seeing Tom Brady collect a Super Bowl ring this past season, and that visual no doubt made its way up the coach’s notoriously tight rear. No matter the reason, though, it’s clear that Belichick has seen more than enough of 7-9 seasons, and wants back on top badly enough to pay – and pay big – for that opportunity.As to the long-term odds, the newcomers might move the needle a bit. The big question is whether handicappers see New England’s move as accumulating weapons for a new quarterback who would replace Newton. In that respect, all eyes are on Houston, where former NE GM Nick Caserio is now calling the shots; and Seattle, where Russell Wilson exit talk has reached the point where the Seahawks are reviewing film on Jets QB Sam Darnold. If either Watson or Wilson wind up in Foxboro, those 30/1 futures tickets will be worth their weight in gold.

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The Las Vegas Sands Hotel

Sunday, Mar 14, 2021

Las Vegas has been the Restaurant Capital of America, the Convention Capital of America, the Marriage Capital of America, the Divorce Capital of America and, of course, the Gambling Capital of America. All unofficially, of course. It will change to be anything you want it to be, as long as it will bring visitors to the 89109 Zip Code, and as long as those visitors bring money with them and have no problem spending it.Recently significant change came to corporate offices when Las Vegas Sands decided that enough was enough, and it was time to pull up stakes and concentrate on its more lucrative properties in Macau. Only a few months after the death of founder and CEO Sheldon Adelson, eyes were opened in the industry when the property – hotels (Venetian and Palazzo), casino, retail outlets and convention center – was sold to a pair of real estate companies.The new New York-based owners, Apollo Global Management and VICI Properties, are gambling that pent-up demand will bring vacationers, bettors and conventioneers back to Vegas as soon as the pandemic has passed, and appear willing to take the next few months (or more) to get to know the property until that happens.At the height of the pandemic several months ago Las Vegas was basically a ghost town, with many hotels operating only on weekends, if at all, a non-existent entertainment / club scene, minimal gambling with more cleaners than blackjack dealers. Things got so bad that all but one casino pulled the plug on their iconic buffets. Any worse, and there would have been tumbleweed blowing down Las Vegas Boulevard past the Bellagio fountains.Las Vegas Sands obviously didn’t have the stomach to wait for a turnaround that most everyone thinks is coming but can’t say exactly when or to what extent, so it chose discretion over valor and somehow was able to negotiate a deal that puts some $6.25 billion in its bank account as it focuses on its Asian interests. It will now fall on the shoulders of the suits at Apollo and VICI to figure out a way to get people back to the city and convince them to stay and play at the Venetian or Palazzo. Hotel occupancy rates are rising ever so slowly, and the Venetian and Palazzo have a combined 7,117 rooms available 365 days a year. That’s 2,597,705 room nights.[Note: During the 2008 economic meltdown which caused a significant downturn in Vegas, Adelson was famously one of the few hotel owners refusing to cut prices to fill room nights. It will be interesting to see if Apollo follows that model. As of this writing, a weeknight room could be had for $113, with weekend nights running at about $180 – plus resort fees of about $40 a night.]This is Apollo’s second bite of the apple in La Vegas, and the first one didn’t go all that well. In January 2008, a few months before the economy tanked and slipped into a deep recession, Apollo and Texas Pacific Group engineered a $28-billion buyout of Harrah’s Entertainment. Apollo assumed nearly $11 billion in debt in that one, and things went from frying pan to fire, forcing Harrah’s (later called Caesars) to declare bankruptcy and sell. But in the NBA shooters keep shooting even after they miss 6 or 7 shots in a row, and real estate investors invest. It’s what they do. So here we are.The new owners have no choice but to wait. Wait for the vaccine to get into enough arms to make Americans and foreign visitors comfortable enough to visit Vegas again (or for the first time). Wait for the government to ease restrictions. Wait for the convention business to return to pre-Covid levels. Wait for the opportunity to compete with 30 other Strip casinos for gambling dollars. Wait for Americans to forget all about Zoom and put the virus behind them so everyone can have fun again.For Apollo and VICI, that all can’t happen soon enough.

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The Hard Rock Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas is no more.

Monday, Mar 01, 2021

Shame.Michael Jordan used to go there to drag Dennis Rodman out of bed so they could go win playoff games and NBA championships. Ben Affleck was banned from the Hard Rock’s blackjack tables for counting cards. Bruno Mars was busted there for having drugs. Howard Stern, a notorious homebody, did his radio show from there once a year.So many celebrities flocked to the Hard Rock that it was hard to spend a weekend night there and NOT run into one. Simply put, anyone who was anyone who was bored with The Strip party scene hung out either at the Palms one mile north of Las Vegas Boulevard or the Hard Rock one mile south.Later this month or early in April the new owners of the property – a Houston-based private equity company – will open the doors again under the name Virgin Hotel. The mammoth guitar at the property’s entrance is long gone. Instead, Virgin will hope to retain some old customers and develop new ones with across-the-grain consumer-friendly policies such as no resort fees, free parking and free Wi-Fi – all of which have been in short supply in the city in recent years.If the old Hard Rock – which opened in 1990 and had undergone several renovations over its near 30-year run – was Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and pool parties – Virgin is promising a more refined, laid-back vibe. The dance clubs are still there, but it’s clear from those who have seen it that the new owners probably won’t have to worry about undercover police checking for drug deals. Maybe not 50 Cent and maybe not Michael Buble, but something in between.The casino business has been farmed out to Mohegan Sun, the gigantic tribe-owned hotel-casino property that made its mark in southeastern Connecticut. The Virgin gambling area will be just a fraction of the size of Mohegan’s Northeast step-father.The renovation of the hotel end of the property includes plenty of 21st-century technology – lots of outlets for charging electronic devices, keyless room entry and everything you might want to do (order food, check out etc.) from your mobile phone.Opening any business into the headwinds created by the current Covid pandemic and amid various state travel restrictions is tricky and risky business, and Virgin no doubt is no doubt rolling the dice. Some analysts predict that the travel-entertainment industry will roar back big-time as pent-up demand takes effect once the virus’s effects have abated. Others estimate that it could take years before we’re back to pre-pandemic levels. No one really knows for sure. But Virgin bossman Richard Branson got silly rich taking risks growing his empire, and this is just another for him.As for the Hard Rock name itself, we may not have seen the last of it in Vegas. Even as Virgin is putting the finishing touches for its planned March 25 opening, Hard Rock International announced that it has purchased the intellectual property rights to build a new casino in Vegas. So Virgin and Hard Rock might actually be competitors at some point.

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The Jazz Look Great Early

Tuesday, Feb 16, 2021

The Lakers’ march to a second consecutive NBA championship has been rudely interrupted by – of all teams – the Utah Jazz.Only a few months ago the Jazz has been basically left for dead. They had departed the Orlando bubble red-faced after somehow managing to spit up a 3-1 series lead against Denver, and as they headed to the off-season everyone in the NBA thought that it might be time to make some major changes on a team that always seemed good but not good enough.Instead, the Jazz did nothing. They got a boost when Bojan Bogdanovic came back healthy after missing the playoffs because of an operation on his right wrist. Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell somehow repaired whatever personal damage was caused by Gobert’s Covid issue, and the Jazz were off to the races.Monday night’s victory over the 76ers was the 8th in a row for the Jazz, who own the NBA’s best records both straight up (23-5) and ATS (21-7) heading into two very interesting games against the Clippers in Los Angeles, on Wednesday and Friday. If the Jazz can take care of business in LA, it sets up another key game against Los Angeles – at home against the Lakers next week. It’s very possible that Utah could enter the month of March only 11 wins short of beating the total number of wins (41.5) oddsmakers had pegged them for for the entire season.Utah opened the season at +4000 to win it all, with 11 teams getting better odds from the books. Those numbers have steadily melted to +1400, with the Jazz now looking up at only the Lakers (+250), Nets (+375), Clippers (+525) and Bucks (+650).Whether the Jazz can keep up anything close to their torrid pace in the strong Western Conference is anyone’s guess. At this writing, they have piggybacked those eight wins in a row with seven straight covers. They are winning more than 82 percent of their games, which would put them on a pace to go 67-15 over a normal 82-game NBA season – better than anyone since the Warriors went off in 2015-16 and set the NBA record with 73 wins.Winning cures all ills, and with the Jazz on a historic roll that brings back memories of the Karl Malone-John Stockton teams, Mitchell and Gobert are on the same page, and talk about trading either one now is met with hearty laughter. Quin Snyder is starting to hear Coach of the Year talk, and the front office is accepting congratulations for the 2019 Christmas Week steal of Jordan Clarkson from the Cavaliers – a move that solidified the bench. Clarkson torched the 76ers for 40 on Monday night and figures to at minimum be in the 6th Man of the Year conversation.So everything is pointing upward for the Jazz. Bettors who have been on Utah this season no doubt are flush, and only time will tell when – or even if – this gravy train will end.

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Get Chiefs +550 To Win the Super Bowl Right Now!

Tuesday, Feb 02, 2021

Like the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl? You can get them at +550.Wait, what?There’s a catch, as there always is. We’re talking about NEXT YEAR’S Super Bowl. William Hill and a few other sites have futures odds already posted for Super Bowl LVI – and in a move that surprises absolutely no one, the Chiefs are heavy favorites.Setting odds for a Super Bowl 12 months in advance is as precarious as betting on it, especially when those in the know are predicting that as many as 10 to 12 teams will have different starting quarterbacks when the new (hopefully Covid-free) season kicks off in September.Barring injury or something unexpected, KC will not be one of the teams in QB transition and will have MVP candidate Patrick Mahomes under center for the fifth season of what should be a long career in the Midwest.After that, things get interesting.***Green Bay, where Aaron Rodgers is making noise about not being all that happy with management, is at +900. That ticket could either be gold or fool’s gold, depending on how angry Rodgers is, and whether he demands to be traded or he and the Pack kiss and make up.***Tom Brady will be entering his age 44 season when his Bucs begin their quest to make it two Super Bowls in succession, and right now William Hill will sell you that ticket at +1000. That number could fluctuate considerably depending on how he looks in this Sunday’s SB.***Buffalo (+1100), Baltimore (+1200) and Seattle (+1600) have QB stability on their sides. Cleveland does as well, but books apparently aren’t sold on Baker Mayfield as the Browns can be had at +2500. Miami is also at +2500, perhaps a reflection of the uncertainty about Tua Tagovailoa’s long-term job security.***Three franchises that have been playoff staples over the years – New England, Pittsburgh and New Orleans – are either in QB flux or may be. The Patriots, who will be QB shopping for the second straight season, are a +6000 long shot; no one really knows what will happen in Pittsburgh (+2500) as Ben Roethlisberger and the team stare at the abyss after that stunning playoff loss to Cleveland; and the Saints (+1600) have a smidgeon of stability as they expect to turn things over to backup Jameis Winston.***Remember Joe Burrow? The future of the Bengals franchise was sidelined for the season last November, but word out of Cincinnati is that he’s recovering quicker than expected from that ACL tear and may even be ready for at least part of training camp. Unimpressed with that news, William Hill lists Cincinnati at +10000.***Finally, there is the hot mess that is the Houston Texans. In a case of unrequited love, the Texans heart Watson but the feeling isn’t mutual. Figuring that Watson will have to be traded sometime before next season, the Texans are also at +10000.

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Sheldon Adelson - A Retrospective

Wednesday, Jan 13, 2021

Coming as it did in the midst of a pandemic claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans and less than a week after a mob’s deadly attack on the nation’s Capitol building, the death of Las Vegas icon Sheldon Adelson received less notice than it deserved.Adelson may not have been the self-promoter that Steve Wynn has been, but his influence in the tourism, gambling, and convention businesses range just as far, if not further. And who among us can say we were a major influence in the moving of a United States embassy?Raised in Boston during the Depression, Adelson’s entrepreneurial drive took hold when he was a teen in the post-World War II era and led him to Las Vegas in the post-Mafia 1980s. He purchased the Sands Hotel-Casino (where the Rat Pack had held court a few decades earlier) and quickly attached a convention center to it.A decade later the Sands was razed and its footprint rose the Venetian. Its companion property, the Palazzo, opened next door in 2007 along with a new convention center. While all this was going on, Adelson somehow found time to stretch his empire to the China gambling empire of Macau, where the Sands Macau supposedly was so successful that it returned his $265 million investment in 12 months.While Adelson was certainly passionate about making money, it did not come without controversy. He was an early and vocal critic of online gambling, and more than a few critics said that as a bricks-and-mortar casino owner his stated reason (children’s access to gambling via the Internet) was disingenuous. Adelson also took more than a few hits for ardently opposing efforts to ban smoking in casinos.A fervent supporter of Israel and Jewish causes in the United States, Adelson was a conservative whose political activism led him to the Republican Party. “I’m against very wealthy ¬people attempting to or influencing elections,” he once said. “But as long as it’s doable I’m going to do it.” He gave millions to the campaigns of Republican candidates, most notably one Donald J. Trump. The two were tied to the hip (Adelson wanted the U.S. Embassy moved to Jerusalem, and Trump was only too happy to accommodate him) for years until Trump pushed things a little too far.Last August the two spoke on the phone. Adelson wanted to talk about the pandemic and the economy; Trump wanted to talk about why Adelson wasn’t writing checks with more zeroes. Whether they ever made up is uncertain, but not long after that Adelson’s cancer forced him to the sidelines.Hard-right conservative politics notwithstanding, Adelson did receive credit for helping out his workers during the 2008 recession and most recently as jobs were jeopardized during the pandemic, making sure all his employees retained health care insurance. With a net worth of $35 billion, it didn’t put much of a dent in his bottom line.Adelson lived to age 87, blowing past the normal retirement age by more than two decades and giving credence to one other Adelson quote: “The key factor in my strategy is longevity.”

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The Browns Actually Won A Playoff Game

Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021

Week 1 of Year 1 of expanded NFL playoffs is in the books, and old-timers who hate change are on the defensive a bit this week. Indianapolis and Chicago, who in any other season would have had the month of January off, became the first 7-seeds in league history to “earn” a playoff berth – and neither completely embarrassed itself.The AFC Colts went into their game against 2-seed Buffalo as solid 7-point dogs, and came within one possession of taking out the Bills. If this was Philip Rivers’s last game in the NFL, he left with his head high (309 yards passing, two TDs) and can tell his grandkids that in his 256th and final game as a pro he at least covered the spread (final 27-24).In the NFC, the 7-seed Bears were a little less tidy. Chicago failed to reach the end zone, was never in the game and failed to cover an 11-point line in losing 21-9 to No. 2 seed New Orleans. Little was expected from Chicago, and little was given.The Big Story, though, took place in Cleveland where the Browns appear to have awoken from a decades-long nap and actually outplayed and out-toughed the Steelers. Outside of the AFC East, where until this year the Patriots have crushed everyone for the last 20 years, no one has owned a team like the Steelers have owned the Browns.All that, though, was tossed out the car window in the first period as the 5.5-point underdog Browns bended, folded and mutilated a tired and depressed Steelers team that only a few months ago was talking about an undefeated season. COVID-ravaged Cleveland led 28-0 before the Steelers coaches even got their virus masks on, and from there it was just filler.Cleveland, seeded 6th, now heads into the Divisional Round against top-seeded Kansas City, and bettors who believe the Browns’ surge has legs can get 10 points in just about any book they want. KC backers can scour books and buy the Chiefs at -9.5, but there has been very little line movement since this went on the board last Sunday night. Bargain-hunters may have to wait until later in the week before they see any line alterations.

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A Quick Look At The NBA After One Week

Thursday, Dec 31, 2020

Repeat after me.It’s early.And it’s a weird season – perhaps the weirdest in NBA history.But maybe, just maybe, there is some money to be made on some early-season games before the inevitable reversion to the mean takes over, or at least until oddsmakers start adjusting their numbers.Orlando, Cleveland, and Atlanta were all figured to bottom-feeders in a beefed-up Eastern Conference this season, but as of New Year’s Eve they were a combined 10-2 against the spread and making money for bettors savvy enough to stay away from teams that had extended stays in the Florida bubble a few months ago.The Magic do have a nice early-season win over Miami (which barely had time to catch its breath after getting to the Finals last season), but its other three wins have come against slow starters Washington (twice) and Oklahoma. Still, quite a turnaround for a franchise that was reportedly considering a teardown. Orlando is being led by reclamation project Markelle Fultz, who after a slew of injuries is finally starting to figure out what the NBA is all about. He’s averaging better than 18 points a game. Bettors would be advised to make hay quickly, though, because the Magic’s schedule gets tougher in mid-January.Cleveland is 3-1 straight up and ATS, also benefitting from a soft early-season schedule. And a bucket of ice water was tossed on the entire team when it somehow managed to find a way to lose at home to the Knicks. Injuries are also starting to take a toll, as first-round pick Isaac Okoro is out with a sprained ankle and vet Kevin Love is down for close to a month with a calf injury. Caveat emptor there, too.In the West, Sacramento may be at long last ready to make money for its backers. The Kings were 3-1 ATS going into their game against Houston on New Year’s Eve, and appear to have a real keeper in Tyrese Haliburton, who fell to them at No. 12 in the draft. The Kings have young legs and a decent foundation. Hopefully, they can avoid wilting when everyone in the Western Conference starts to get serious.On the other end of the spectrum, if you know what’s going on with the Raptors, send a text to HC Nick Nurse ASAP. Toronto (playing home games in Tampa due to Covid) is winless SU, winless ATS, and looks like a very different team than the one that was one or two possessions from reaching the Eastern finals last season.

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Three Darkhorse NBA Teams To Win 2020/21

Monday, Dec 07, 2020

Three Darkhorse NBA Teams To Win 2020/21The Lakers are +275 to repeat in 2020/21. Brooklyn is in second at +525, while the Clippers and Bucks are +600 apiece. These four teams are the favorites to win the NBA championship next year, but there's plenty of value with some of the other teams, except they offer much better odds.Here are three "darkhorse" NBA picks that fall out of these top four favorites.Miami Heat (+1,600): Why not the Heat? How come the Nets are the favorites out of the East? Brooklyn has plenty of talent on paper, but no chemistry whatsoever. Miami shocked the World last year by winning the Eastern Conference and advancing to the NBA Finals, only to fall in six games. Jimmy Butler averaged 19 points, 6.7 boards, six assists, and 1.8 steals per game last year and he'll once again have Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo alongside. Miami also added two-way guard Avery Bradley from the Lakers in the offseason. Denver Nuggets (+2,000): Denver lost some key bench players from last year's team, but it picked up some competent players via free agency in the offseason, including Facundo Campazzo and JaMychal Green. The strength of Denver is its depth, as it still has Majal Murray, Gary Harris, Michael Porter Jr, Paul Millsap, and Nikola Jokic starting, along with Will Barton, Monte Morris, and Bol Bol. Denver enters the 2020/21 season filled with confidence after twice coming back from 3-1 deficits in the playoffs, before eventually succumbing to the eventual champion Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.Dallas Mavericks (+2,500): Luka Doncic and the Mavericks were rolling in the playoffs before fellow star Kristaps Porzingis was injured. With Porzingis back to full health and Doncic entering his third year in the league, the sky really is the limit in Dallas this season (providing everyone stays healthy.) Doncic averaged 28.8 points, 9.4 boards, and 8.8 assists last year. Porzingis won't be in the line-up to start the year, but he'll just make this already stacked team that much stronger for the second-half push. Winning MVP is a very real goal for Doncic this year and he now has the supporting cast to reach even greater heights. If you don't mind tying up some of your bankroll for this length of time, at this price, the Mavericks are definitely worth a second look to win it all in 2020/21 in my opinion.

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The NFL Landscape After Week 10

Monday, Nov 16, 2020

The NFL (and society in general), is learning how to play during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Now there's the hope of a vaccine that could be widely available by the time the 2021/22 season starts.It's been a strange season for many reasons. The landscape in the NFL continues to change from week to week.New England and Buffalo were evenly favored to win the AFC East before the season started, but the Bills have a lock on that spot after Week 10 at 7-3. Miami sits right behind at 6-3 and the Patriots are holding on at 4-5. Pittsburgh is 9-0. Should Big Ben Roehtlisberger be mentioned in the MVP talk?! Or at least as Bounce Back Player Of The Year? Regardless, the Steelers keep managing to find ways to win. Baltimore and Cleveland are both at 6-3 in the AFC North.The AFC South is down to two teams. Houston is 2-7 and Jacksonville is 1-8, but both Indianapolis and Tennessee are tied at 6-3. The Chiefs continue to hold down the top spot in the AFC West at 8-1, while Las Vegas isn't too far behind at 6-3. The Raiders won at Arrow Head a couple of weeks ago, and now the defending champs are in Las Vegas in Week 11 looking for vengeance.The NFC "Least" is the most interesting in my opinion, despite all of the teams struggling. Philadelphia leads at 3-5-1, while New York is right behind at 3-7. The Giants just beat the Eagles as well, so they have the leg up in the tiebreaker this season. Right behind them though is Washington and Dallas at 2-7. Funnily enough, any of these teams still have a mathematical shot at capturing the NFC East title after Week 10.Green Bay leads the NFC North at 7-2, with Chicago in second at 5-5. Minnesota and Detroit are both at 4-5. The NFC South is another competitive division. The Saints are 7-2 and the Bucs are 7-3. New Orleans has already won both games over Tampa Bay this season, meaning that the Saints are in the driver's seat at this point (depending of course on how fast Drew Brees can recover from injury, and how well Jameis Winston can play in relief.) The NFC West is another very interesting one, as all four teams still have a shot at winning the division. Arizona, LA, and Seattle are all at 6-3 (Seattle and Arizona play on Thursday night), while the 49ers are 4-6.A Closer Look At Week 10 "Against-The-Spread"Faves: 9-5 ATSHome fave: 6-3Fave -2.5 or less: 3-0Fave -6 or more: 3-2Double-Digit fave: 0-1Divison fave: 6-1For The Season ATSFaves: 66-79-1 ATSHome fave: 41-53 Fave -2.5 or less: 8-19Fave -6 or more: 31-29-1Double-Digit fave: 5-7-1Division fave: 22-28

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The NFL Landscape After Week 6

Tuesday, Oct 20, 2020

NFL Week 6 is now in the books after having two games play out on Monday Night. In Week 5 there was a game on Tuesday night. There continue to be a few COVID scares here and there, but for the most part, now it does appear as if the teams and the NFL have a handle on it. The NBA, NHL, and MLB have been massive success stories, so a few setbacks here and there were expected as well in the NFL.The landscape in the NFL has changed after Week 5. Buffalo still has top spots in the AFC East at 4-2, but Miami is hot on its heels at 3-3. The AFC North remains one of the most competitive divisions, as Pittsburgh is 5-0, Baltimore is 5-1 and Cleveland is 4-2. Tennessee came from behind in the final moments to knock off Houston at home and it's now 5-0 in the AFC South. The Colts are 4-2. Kansas City avoided another letdown on Monday night with a win and cover in Buffalo and it's now 5-1 and atop the AFC West, with Las Vegas sitting at 3-2. The NFC East continues to be the biggest train-wreck division, as Dallas still leads it at 2-4. Philadelphia is in second at 1-4 and even the 1-5 Giants and Washington Football team still mathematically have a shot at winning the division. The NFC North is also a competitive one, with Chicago at 5-1, the Packers at 4-1, and the Lions at 2-3. The NFC South is also extremely competitive, with Tampa Bay sitting at 4-2, New Orleans at 3-2, and Carolina at 3-3. And finally, we can look at the NFC West, another fantastically competitive division with Seattle at 5-0, Arizona at 4-2, LA at 4-2, and San Francisco at 3-3. From A Betting PerspectiveIt's very interesting to note that this is just the third time in league history that there are two clubs in the same year that have started off 0-6 against-the-spread.In 1984: Houston Oilers/Green Bay PackersIn 2011: Miami Dolphins/St. Louis RamsIn 2020: New York Jets/Dallas Cowboys.A Closer Look At Week 6 "Against-The-Spread"Faves went 5-9 overall. Home faves were 3-6. Faves -2.5/less went 0-5.  Faves -6/more were 1-3.  Double-digit faves were 0-1.For The Season ATSFavorites have gone 43-47-1. Home faves have gone 27-35. Favorites of -2.5/less are 3-14. Faves of -6/more are 21-18-1. Double-digit faves are 3-3-1.

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The NFL Landscape After Week 5

Wednesday, Oct 14, 2020

To say this is a "strange" season for everyone involved in sports would be a bit of an understatement. The same could be said for bookmakers, who are struggling to adjust to the circumstances as much as their clientele.NFL Week 5 is now in the books after a rare Tuesday night game which saw the Titans destroy the now 4-1 Bills at home by a score of 42-16. Despite the loss though, the Bills are still in the driver's seat in the AFC East with a 4-1 record (note they have a tough upcoming matchup at home vs. the Chiefs this weekend). The AFC North is the most competitive, with Pittsburgh at 4-0, but with Cleveland and Baltimore sitting just behind at 4-1. Tennessee moves to 4-0 and is tops in the AFC South, with the Colts behind at 3-2 now. The defending Champs are 4-1 and No. 1 in the AFC West, but they come in off their first loss of the year at home to the now 3-2 Las Vegas Raiders. I have played the "under" on the Chiefs season win total and posted that exclusive article on this site a couple of months ago. The NFC East is another very interesting division, as Dallas leads at 2-3, but must now move ahead with Andy Dalton directing the show. Green Bay is getting an exemplary performance from Aaron Rodgers so far this year, as the veteran QB has his team sitting at 4-0 and No. 1 in the NFC North, followed closely by the Bears at 4-1. It's a log-jam in the NFC South, with Carolina, Tampa Bay, and New Orleans all at 3-2 (the lowly Falcons are at 0-5.)The NFC West is always competitive as well and so far the Seahawks are No. 1 at 5-0, followed closely by the Rams at 4-1. A Closer Look At Week 5 ATSFaves went 6-8 overall.  Home faves were 4-6.  Faves -2.5/less went 1-1.  Faves -6/more were 5-5.  Double-digit faves were 1-1.For The Season ATSFavorites have gone 38-38-1. Home faves have gone 24-29. Favorites of -2.5/less are 3-9. Faves of -6/more are 20-15-1. Double-digit faves are 3-2-1A Closer Look At Week 5 O/U StatsO/U went 7-7 in Week 5.  Divisional contests saw the O/U go 2-3.  1 pm games saw the O/U go 2-5.  4 pm game saw the O/U go 3-0.For The Season O/UAll O/U's are 43-33-1.  Divisional games have seen the O/U go 13-7.  1 pm games have seen the O/U go 30-12.  4 pm games have seen the O/U go 5-11-1 this season.

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2020 NFL Season Wins Total Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs

Tuesday, Jun 16, 2020

Kansas City has gone "over" its season win total seven years straight and it's once again favored to win the Super Bowl this time around as well. Pretty much everything has to go right to go 12-4 though (the total at BookMaker is 11.5 wins) and I think that there could be reason to believe that KC will finally take a step back this season and fail to go "over" its season win total.The Chiefs play in a "weak" division, but the AFC West is predicted to be much more competitive this season, as both Denver and Las Vegas have made plenty of moves in the off-season. The Chiefs are a heavy favorite on September 10th to open the season vs. Houston, but that's then followed by an extremely tough stretch which sees them play back to back games road games at the Chargers and Baltimore, followed by New England and Las Vegas at home. Strength of schedule is a key factor in determining season long O/U wagers and it doesn't get any easier for Kansas City after that with back-to-back road games at Buffalo and Denver. That's then followed by home games vs. the Jets and Panthers. After that it's two games on the road in Las Vegas and at Tampa Bay, followed by at home vs. Denver, at Miami, at New Orleans and then it's finished off with back-to-back home games vs. the Falcons and Chargers. One of the crucial factors that KC has had working in its favor over the years has been its "home field" advantage. But, will there even be fans in the stands this season? No matter what happens, this will be a "different" campaign for both players and fans alike and the Chiefs clear "home field advantage" could very well be negated completely this year.Considering all of the different factors I've listed above here, I definitely think that the "under" 11.5 season wins (at +108 odds at BookMaker) for the Kansas City Chiefs is worth a second look this season.

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