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Amedeus Mastrangelo first launched his handicapping business, and gained fame under the brand, "The Soccer Authority.”  But Amedeus has expanded his service to now release selections on all major North American sports. 

While he's best known for his prowess on the Soccer pitch, Amedeus has been heavily wagering on all sports for years and plays just about everything, including sides, totals, favorites, underdogs, against the spread, alternative spreads, first half, second half, player props, and futures. The bottom line is, if Mastrangelo can see an edge in any way shape or form, then he's going to take advantage.

Mastrangelo believes that you should set a unit size and stick to it. No matter what. He also suggests that you wager all of his picks for the same amount - the exceptions being an extra half unit or unit on his 10* selections.

Volume will vary as Amedeus will only ever place a wager on a pick in which he deems to have found good value (+EV), however generally when there is a full card of games you can expect 4 or more premium picks.

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SOCCER - Moneyline - Wed, Aug 10


Amedeus is coming off of a 2-2-2 (2-0 in MLB, 0-2-1 in Champions League, 0-0-1 in Copa Libertadores) Tuesday, pushing...


MLB - Moneyline - Wed, Aug 10


Amedeus is coming off of a 2-2-2 (2-0 in MLB, 0-2-1 in Champions League, 0-0-1 in Copa Libertadores) Tuesday, pushing...


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Monday, Aug 08, 2022

The Italian Serie A is coming back this weekend and it is time to discuss possible futures for this league as there is a lot of value to be found with these teams. A lot of the smaller European leagues have come back already and even some of the bigger ones such as the Premier League in England, but Italy gets another week to prepare and some big moves have been made in and out of this league in this transfer window.To Win Outright Inter Milan +175: Inter Milan is coming off of a season where they finished in 2nd place, just 2 points behind their rival team AC Milan who went on to win the title last season. Inter Milan has had a lot of success in Serie A over the last few years though. They have finished in the top 4 of the league for 5 straight seasons now and they have finished top 2 or better in the last 3 straight seasons with 1 title win in that span. They were very close to winning it again last season, which would have made it 2 straight seasons for them, but they fell short and have made some big moves in the transfer window to try and get back there this year. They have been very active both losing and gaining a lot of players. Some of the biggest departures for them include the midfielders Arturo Vidal, Matias Vecino, and Ivan Perisic who all left on free transfers but this team has always been very deep at midfield and they still have a lot of quality players to fill in the holes these players may have left. They have always been a very strong team defensively and with their midfield but they have been lacking that goal scorer that will help galvanize their attack. They fixed that problem in the transfer window as they acquired Romelu Lukaku on loan from Chelsea, who is very familiar with this squad as he was on the team that won the title 2 years ago, and they also bought out Joaquin Correa from Lazio who was with Inter Milan on loan. This is going to be a better team than they were last season with a much improved attack and even though they are the favorite here, they are still at plus money and probably have the best chance at reclaiming the title this season. Juventus +187: Juventus is coming off of a season where they finished in 4th place and they have finished in 4th place for 2 straight seasons now after dominating this league for so long. Juventus has been a very dominant team in this league over the last decade, winning 9 straight titles between the years 2011 and 2020. They have been slipping in the last 2 seasons though, finishing 4th place both times, and they really have not been signing many star players to pull them out of this funk. They lost some big names in this transfer window, a lot of those players were aging as well and have not been the same players they used to be, but they also have not done much to replace them. Some of these players include centre-back Giorgio Chiellini, central midfield Aaron Ramsey, right winger Douglas Costa, right winger Frederico Bernardeschi, and one younger big name that also left on a free transfer and still has a lot left in the tank is second striker Paulo Dybala who left to be a starter at Roma. Some of the really big names they also lost include centre-back Merih Demiral and centre-back Matthijs de Ligt, both players who are major losses to this club and will only hurt the team going forward. They did make some signings to try and replace the players they lost but their biggest signings were centre-back Bremer and right wing Frederico Chiesa. They also picked up central midfield Paul Pogba and right winger Angel Di Maria, once again replacing aging players that left the club with more aging players who have not been the same as when they were in their prime for a while now. Once again this team is lacking some real young star players and have a very old team in age on average. Juventus will once again not be a threat to the title this season unless they make some bigger moves and they should not be anywhere near this kind of price as they will be lucky to slip into the top 4 once again. AC Milan +400: AC Milan is coming off of a season where they finally won the Serie A title for the first time in over a decade. AC Milan went through years of disappointment where they could not even get back into European competition but they have finally made some big moves over the last few years and have really improved this team. They have finished top 2 the last 2 seasons, winning the title last season, but they also came very close the year before when Inter Milan won it. “Don’t fix what isn’t broken,” well AC Milan really took this to heart this transfer window as they were a very active team with a lot of players coming and leaving the club, but a large majority of the players that made up the starters and the bench for this title winning team are still back with the club for another run at the title this season and a shot at Champions League as well. The two biggest names to leave the club this year that were really part of that core group last season are centre-back Alessio Romagnoli and central midfield Franck Kessie. These departures certainly do not help the squad but they are also pretty deep at those positions and did make some signings to replace those players as well. They were able to acquire centre-forward Divock Origi from Liverpool on a free transfer and they signed attacking midfielder Charles De Ketelaere from Club Brugge. They always had a good defense last season and they have not really lost any key players that are going to hurt them this season. The moves they made will actually help their attack out which could use some strengthening and more firepower, and that makes them an even more dangerous team than they were last season. This is the defending title champions and they really made no big moves that hurt their club this season, their squad is generally the same and they did win last season so they are very live to win the title once again here. Roma +800: Roma is coming into this season off of a few bad years where they have missed out on Champions League but they made a splash in the transfer window this year and they are a much improved squad. Roma finished in 6th place last season but they have not been able to crack the top 4 over the last 4 straight seasons. They are making a big push this year though as they retained most of their quality players and even went on to bring in some more big names to boost this squad. One of the biggest contributors they lost was attacking midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan as he left on a free transfer to Inter Milan but they made a lot of moves to replace him and some of the other supporting cast that left as well. They really boosted their defense by signing right-back Zeki Celik from Lille and they made a lot of moves to strengthen this midfield as well. They signed defensive midfielder Nemanja Matic from Man Utd on a free transfer and acquired central midfield Georginio Wijnaldum on a loan from PSG. Their attack was always something left on the weaker side as they never really had that striker and Henrikh Mkhitaryan provided a lot of offense for them last season, but they really made some big moves to fix that by signing second striker Paulo Dybala and left-winger Justin Kluivert. Roma is making a big push this season to win that title with the signings they have made, they may not be the team to win the title this season but they definitely have a very good chance of getting back into the top 4 this season. RecommendationsThere is definitely a lot of value in this league with some of these teams being such big underdogs to win the title. Juventus is definitely one team that is priced incorrectly and they are really not a real contender in this league until they make some bigger moves to compete with the top teams. Inter Milan is the favorite to win and they do have some value still, getting them at +175 and they already had a very good team that did not need much improvement. Roma is another team that has made a lot of big signings and looks to be all in for this season, and there is a lot of value in getting them at +800 as they have put together a very good squad that will do well this season. AC Milan also has some value at +400 as they are the defending title champions but really, their team is not that strong and it was a shock they were so good last season. They will likely regress a little this season and a lot of the heart in that team comes from the aging Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is not getting any younger. In conclusion, the best way to approach this season would be to take Inter Milan +175 to win the title and Roma +800 as a dark horse team to win the title, but there is also a lot of value in Roma to make the top 4 at -110 and that is where I stand on this Serie A season.

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England Premier League Futures

Thursday, Jul 28, 2022

The Premier League is just around the corner now with the first match kicking off on August 5th. Normally the Premier League would start near the end of August but due to the World Cup being in November later this year, the Premier League is kicking off almost a whole month early to accommodate the interruption in their schedule during that time. There have been some big moves with these clubs in this transfer window though, and it is time to break down who has the best shot at winning the Premier League title this season. To Win Outright Manchester City -163: Man City is the big favorite on the board to win the title as they are the defending champions here. They have won the last 2 straight titles and 4 of the last 5, finishing in 2nd place only 1 of those seasons to Liverpool. They have been a dominant force in the Premier League for years now, buying all the top talent available to them and stacking their team with so much depth that even their 2nd squad could be starters on another team. They have made some big moves in this transfer window though, both acquiring and losing some big names. Fernandinho left on a free transfer to Athletico PR in Brasil while left-back Oleksandr Zinchenko was sold to Arsenal. Their attack also lost some fire power with centre-forward Gabriel Jesus getting sold to Arsenal as well while left winger Raheem Sterling was the blockbuster deal leaving for Chelsea. Man City did not do much to fill these holes but they still have a very deep team and made 2 big acquisitions that will help take over the roles of the players they lost. They acquired defensive midfielder Kalvin Phillips from Leeds to fill in the hole left by Fernandinho and possibly even Zinchenko. Their other blockbuster deal though was the acquisition of centre-forward Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund. Haaland will fill in the hole left by Jesus nicely as he scored a lot of goals in his short time at Dortmund. There is not much value on Man City to win the title here but with a team that has been so dominant in the league for years now and spending the kind of money they have been spending, it is hard to see another team that can touch them with all of their bench depth still. Liverpool +250: Liverpool is the 2nd team on the board here to win the title in the Premier League this season. Liverpool has not been as successful as Man City has been in the league recently but Liverpool has still had a lot of success. They have finished in 2nd place 2 of their last 4 seasons and even have 1 title win in that span, with their other season seeing them finish 3rd place that year. They may have finished 2nd place to Man City last season but they were the only team remotely close to catching them as they finished just 1 point behind Man City in a title race that really came down to the last few matches. They have lost a few big names in the transfer window this season though, and their team is not as deep as it was last season now. They saw centre-forward Divock Origi make his exit to AC Milan in a free transfer while centre-back Ben Davies was sold to Rangers FC. They also sold their developing left winger Takumi Minamino to Monaco but the big story was Sadio Mane leaving for Bayern Munich. They did not make a lot of big signings to fill in these holes either, with their biggest move being the acquisition of centre-forward Darwin Nunez from Benfica. None of their other acquisitions will be much help in their title hopes this season and their team is likely left in a worse position this season than they were in last season. The odds may look tempting here to take Liverpool since they have been the closest team to challenging Man City over the last few seasons, but this is not the same Liverpool team and they will feel the effects of some of the players they have lost this season.  Tottenham +1200: Tottenham is the 3rd team on the board here to win the Premier League title this season, but a very sizable gap in odds between them and the 2nd team Liverpool. Tottenham finished in 4th last season just hanging onto that spot by the end of the year and this is their first season back in Champions League after missing out on the top 4 the last 2 seasons. They are finally back in Champions League this season though and they will be on the hunt for both titles with some of the moves they have made this transfer window. They did not lose many players at all with their biggest loss being the departure of left winger Steven Bergwijn to Ajax. They made a lot of signings though and really strengthened their defense and their depth for this season, which has been a big issue that has plagued them over the last few seasons. They had some developing players return from loan such as central midfielders Tanguy Ndombele and Giovani Lo Celso who are both much improved now. They also picked up centre-back Clement Lenglet on loan from Barcelona and signed Ivan Perisic on a free transfer from Inter Milan to help strengthen their defense and midfield. They also made some other moves to help their defense and midfield but the big signing of the summer to help boost their attack was the acquisition of centre-forward Richarlison from Everton. They have already added a lot of depth to their team and still had a strong core to work with, with none of their core players really leaving in the transfer window. Tottenham made a big run a few years ago where they won the Premier League title and a Champions League title, and this feels like a similar year with the money they have been spending. It is tough to say that they will challenge Man City for the title here but if looking for a long shot play, Tottenham has a lot of upside this season and a ton of value with this number. Chelsea +1600: Chelsea is the 4th team on the list of teams to win the Premier League title this season. Chelsea finished in 3rd place last season and they have been a very consistent team in the Premier League for years, finishing in the top 4 of the league the last 4 straight seasons. They have not had a higher finish than 3rd place in that span though and the team has begun to unravel in this transfer window. Chelsea made a lot of moves and spent a lot of money a few years ago between hiring a new manager and bringing in all of these defensive players which gave them one of the best defenses in the league for years. They were shifting their focus more to their attacking last season though, when defense has been their staple for a while now, and they made a lot of signings to help boost their attack. They did not do much to help their defense though and they have been shedding a lot of their high quality defensemen in this transfer window. They sent away their star centre-forward Romelu Lukaku on loan back to Inter Milan for this season but where they are really going to hurt is with the loss of centre-backs Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen, and they did not do much to fill in these holes. They did acquire centre-back Kalidou Koulibaly from Napoli and also returned some players from loan that will help their defense, but with more rumors still about Azpilicueta leaving and others, they have not done nearly enough to replenish this defense with the same talent they had leaving in the transfer window. Their blockbuster deal was the acquisition of left winger Raheem Sterling from Manchester City but he is not enough to turn this mediocre attack and fading defense into a title contender. Chelsea has never really finished in the top 2 over the past few seasons when they were playing very well, and they are not a real contender to win the title this season with the moves they have been making.  RecommendationsThe obvious choice here is to go with Manchester City at the -163 to win the title here. Man City has been a dominant force in the Premier League for years now and they have had repeated success winning the title and competing in Champions League where they have been holding up with the best teams across Europe. They did almost lose the title to Liverpool last season but Liverpool is not the same team anymore while Man City has continued to retain their talent and depth with another strong transfer window. Another way to go about this if looking for a better price than the -163 is to take a shot on Tottenham at +1200 to win the title here. They may not be able to challenge Man City this season but they have been spending a lot of money and are not even done yet. They have fixed some issues they had in their defense and midfield, and they have also acquired some pieces to help with their attack and bench depth. They may not have had a lot of success over the last few years but they have made a big run like this before in the last decade and when they start spending money like the way they have been recently, they mean business. They are the closest team to challenge Man City this season and you can even get a nice +250 on them to finish top 2 as they should beat Liverpool in the table. It is hard to find value in a league with such a strong force like Man City, but the best way to go about this is Man City to win -163, Tottenham to win +1200, and Tottenham to finish top 2 +250.

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Copa Libertadores Futures

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022

The Copa Libertadores quarter-finals are approaching, the first matches scheduled to start on August 2. With just a few weeks away it is time to discuss which of these teams have a real shot at going all the way and taking all the glory for themselves, and which of these teams are just frauds that do not belong despite the great journey they have been on. The round of 16 concluded with a lot of obvious choices making it through. There were a few surprises like Boca Juniors getting eliminated 6-5 in penalties after two scoreless draws with the Corinthians, and also the shocking exit of Argentina giant River Plate. The path is set all the way to the finals now and some teams have an easier road than others so it is time to take a look at who can go all the way and lift the trophy here. Copa Libertadores Outrights Flamengo +250 - Flamengo has been a giant in the Brasileiro Serie A for many years now. They have had plenty of success over the last few seasons, winning the league title 3 straight years (2018, 2019, 2020), and they have finished in the top 2 of the league the last 5 straight seasons, including last season where they finished 2nd place to Atletico Mineiro. They have had some success in this competition as well as they have appeared in 3 Copa Libertadores finals in their club history, winning in 2 of those 3 finals appearances. A lot of that success has also been recent, winning it back in 2019 with a 2-1 win over River Plate and they even went to the FIFA Club World Cup finals that year, losing to Liverpool 1-0 in a match that needed extra time to settle. Their last appearance in the Copa Libertadores finals was just last season as they lost 2-1 to Palmeiras, but they have consistently shown their dominance in this continent and even around the world over the last few years. They are getting the Corinthians in the quarter-finals who they have already suffered a 1-0 loss to very recently on an own goal but the Corinthians have not been scoring many goals recently either while Flamengo is playing in some of their best form all season. If Flamengo can make it through to the semi-finals, they will be facing the winner of Velez Sarsfield and Talleres Cordoba. Neither of those teams are really near being the strongest in their own Argentina league so Flamengo has a pretty nice road to the finals if they can through to the semis. Once in the finals, they could be facing either Palmeiras, Atletico Mineiro, Athletico Paranaense, or Estudiantes. That side of the tournament is a lot stronger than what Flamengo had to go through, with the 2 top contenders there being Atletico Mineiro and Palmeiras. Flamengo lost to Palmeiras in the finals last season but they have had a lot of success against them overall in recent head-to-head matches and they will surely be out for revenge here so it is very possible for Flamengo to take them down with the talent on that team. On the other hand, they have not had a lot of success against Atletico Mineiro recently if they end up making it through but Atletico MG has also been slipping in form recently, still playing great defense in their matches but their attack has not looked good and Flamengo is a scoring machine that could overpower them in a potential final. Flamengo is the favored team to win the tournament but for very good reason as they are one of the best teams on the continent and a bet on them to win the finals here would not be throwing money away. Palmeiras +300 - Palmeiras is another team that is a Brasilian giant and they have had plenty of success in their league and Copa Libertadores over the many years. They have a very long history of being dominant in South America, finishing in the top 3 of their league 5 of the last 6 seasons and they even won the league title back in 2016 and 2018. They are coming off of a 3rd place finish in the league last season but they did win Copa Libertadores for the 2nd year straight. They have made 6 finals appearances in their club history, winning 3 of those trophies, and they have won the Copa Libertadores the last 2 straight years now and looking to defend their title again here, trying to make it 3 straight years. They have one of the best teams in Brasil by far with their talent level and they blew their opponent away in the last round with an 8-0 win on aggregate. They will have a much tougher road to the finals on their side of the tournament, taking one one of the toughest teams left in the quarter-finals. They will have to go through Atletico Mineiro first, who won the Brasileiro Serie A title last season, but they have not been in their best form recently and if they do not get things figured out quickly then Palmeiras will be sure to dispose of them. These two teams have drawn many times in their last few head-to-head matches though and this could be a very close round between these two. If Palmeiras manages to get by Atletico Mineiro then they will be facing the winner of the Athletico Paranaense and Estudiantes match in the semi-finals. Both of those teams have been playing very well in their respective domestic leagues and they have both been very focused on their Copa Libertadores matches as well, playing extremely well in those matches and excelling at home especially. It will be tough to go on the road and face either of these teams but Palmeiras still has one of the best teams in South America and they should be able to dispose of either side after 2 legs against them. If they can get past the semis and go all the way to the finals then they will be left with facing either Flamengo, Corinthians, Velez Sarsfield, or Talleres Cordoba, and considering the strength of field here it will very likely be Flamengo in the finals. Palmeiras beat Flamengo in the finals last year and they could very well do it again here. If they end up facing a different team in the finals that is not Flamengo then they will likely win for sure but Flamengo is a team that could really challenge them after what happened last season. Palmeiras could very well go all the way here and win the whole competition, they have the talent and the team to do it as back-to-back defending champions, but the reality is that this is not a very good bet considering how low their odds are with the strength of the competition they would have to face in every round just to get to the finals.  Atletico Mineiro +400 - Atletico Mineiro is coming off of a great year where they won the Brasileiro Serie A title but their rise back to glory has been very recent as they have only finished in the top 3 of their league the last 2 season and were a struggling club for many seasons prior to those. They may be working their way back to the top of Brasil again but they have not had much success throughout the years in this Copa Libertadores competition, only making 1 finals appearance in club history and winning it that 1 time. They were kicked out of the semi-finals last year by Palmeiras and now have to go through that same Brasilian powerhouse in the quarter-finals here, with them being back-to-back Copa Libertadores champions as well. Atletico Mineiro has had a lot of success against Palmeiras in recent matches but that success has not translated over to Copa Libertadores, where Palmeiras focuses most of their efforts, and Atletico Mineiro has also been slipping in form recently as they struggled to get by a club from Ecuador that had not played any competitive matches in over a month before facing them. Atletico Mineiro is likely not going to get by Palmeiras in this round, they might do it but even if they do Athletico PR and Estudiantes could easily give them trouble with how good those teams are at home and the road seems like it is just too tough for Atletico MG to make it all the way to the finals where they would have to face another tough team, and they just have not shown that they are up for the challenge with their lethargic effort in the last round. Atletico Mineiro may be the reigning Brasilian champions but do not let that fool you, they are not a real contender in this competition this year. Corinthians +900 - Corinthians is a team that has been very mediocre in their league over the years. They have been qualifying for these tournaments by going through the process and focusing on their matches but they have not been making it easy on themselves year after year. Corinthians won the Brasileiro Serie A title back in 2015 and 2017 but every year since then has not been good for them as they have had no top 4 finishes in the league. They finished 5th last season having to play some extra matches and have still ended up here in the quarter-finals through great defensive performances but their defense is going to be their downfall here. They have not been scoring any goals in their recent matches and those are troubles that they cannot be dealing with this late in the tournament. Their form has been slipping in both their league and Copa Libertadores, and they just advanced to this round through two scoreless draws. They have a very good defense that can keep some clean sheets in their matches but their attack is also nowhere to be found and that is going to be a big problem for them with some of these Brasilian powerhouses left in the competition that have defenses just as good as the Corinthians do, but also have a strong attack to score goals and put them on top. They have to face Flamengo in the quarters who is one of those teams with a great defense but can score a lot of goals and has been doing so in their recent matches. Corinthians will not be able to get by them here but even if the manage to somehow, they would have to face the winner of Velez Sarsfield and Talleres Cordoba who are both not as strong as Flamengo, but they both play a similar defensive style that either could end up beating Corinthians in penalties if it really came down to defense. Then in the finals, they would have gone through the easiest route to get there putting themselves in a position where any of the 4 teams on the other side of the bracket could lay a beating on them as they all have great defenses but can score goals as well. The odds may look tempting here, but Corinthians is the weakest Brasilian team left in the field here. Even Athletico PR is a better team and has a better chance of winning than Corinthians but the road will just be too hard for both. Corinthians is not a real contender here and will likely be out after the next round.  RecommendationsAfter breaking down the 4 best teams left in the competition the only thing left is to say which bets are the best to make here. When looking for an outright winner, Flamengo at +250 is the best way to go here. They are the favored team to win the tournament but they also have the easiest road to get to the finals as they are the best team on their side of the bracket by far so the value is with them to make a deep run. They have also won it in the last 3 years and have been performing at elite levels as a club consistently for the last few years. They can match up against any team they face in the finals and winning the competition is a very real possibility for them this season. Another great bet to take with Flamengo is them to reach the finals at +100 as it has been discussed before about how their road to the finals is very easy and if they lose in this tournament it will most likely be there. One other team to consider when picking an outright winner in Palmeiras as they are the back-to-back defending champions here, beating Flamengo in the finals last season, and they have a good chance of beating any team that ends up in the finals from the other side as long as they can get there. Their more challenging matches will be their actual road to the finals as they will have to face some of the toughest teams left in the next 2 rounds but if they do make it through to the finals, you could be laughing with futures on both them and Flamengo who will likely be the 2 teams in the finals. Flamengo to win outright +250, Palmeiras to win outright +300, Flamengo to reach the finals +100.

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