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NFL Late Season Bad Encore

   by Tom Stryker - 12/05/2008

The last four games of the NFL regular season can mean everything to those teams still in the playoff hunt and nothing to the others that have already been eliminated. Novice handicappers could experience a great deal of financial stress at this time of the year. The Las Vegas line is usually inflated on those squads still battling for playoff position. If you invest your hard earned dough on "bad" numbers in the pros, you can go broke in a hurry. Fortunately, my powerful NFL database has kept me in the "profit zone" in the month of December thanks to a handful of incredible late season systems.

This NFL Late Season Bad Encore system is just one that has made me a ton of money over the years. Let's take a look at this awesome technical situation:

Since 1984, NFL non-division road teams from game 13 to game 16 are a miserable 57-99-4 ATS provided they check in off a double-digit loss. At this time of the season, blowouts can weigh heavy on pro teams. Injuries and fatigue have settled in and "getting up" for another four quarters of battle just isn't as easy at it was at the beginning of the season especially if you're forced to go on the road. Not being able to at least face a division foe takes away the motivational factor too. There are five teams locked into this nasty "play against" situation this weekend – Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Washington, NY Jets and New England.

There are a couple of great tighteners that really make this system pop. First, if our visitor is priced as an underdog or a favorite of -1 or less, this situation dips to a woeful 42-86-4 ATS. This late-season puppy has trouble recovering from that blowout loss (especially when matched up against a superior opponent) and loses its bark. The Bengals, Jaguars and Redskins fit this tightener on Sunday.

With our 42-86-4 ATS in hand, this system crashes to an ugly 17-41-3 ATS provided our guest is lined up across from a team that checks in off a straight up victory of four points or more. The home team in this set is obviously riding an emotional high off that win of four or more and carries that success over for another week versus this weary and wobbly traveler. On Sunday, the Bengals and Redskins are locked into this outstanding "play against" situation.

Good luck with Indianapolis and Baltimore this weekend.

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