1. Reduced juice: -105 odds on all standard straight bets (sides and totals) except soccer
  2. Can re-bet after betting the maximum wagering limit
  3. Unique odds — great for players who like to shop lines
  1. Reduced juice not offered on soccer
  2. User interface is not as modern as other sportsbooks
  3. Limits may be reduced for professional bettors
Overview Founded: 2001, Costa Rica Website: Email: Countries Served: BetAnySports caters to North American clients, but is available to players worldwide (except UK, France, Portugal, Hungary, Ukraine and Costa Rica) Telephone: 1-800-604-5922 Bonuses and Promotions

When you join BetAnySports, you have your choice between getting a sign-up bonus or getting reduced juice (-105 odds on all sports but soccer) for the life of your membership. Most members choose the reduced juice option (see exactly why, below, in the Odds section), especially if they plan to be gambling for months or years with BetAnySports. But if a client intends to just play for a weekend, then the sign-up bonus could make more sense. When you choose the sign-up bonus, you can get a 30% cash sign-up bonus for deposits up to $2000. Thus, if you deposit $2000, then your cash bonus is $600. There is a 6x rollover to get the full sign-up bonus, but any winnings are not subject to the rollover -- only the deposit and bonus must be rolled over. Afterwards, clients can get 20% reload bonuses if they deposit between $100 and $2500.

Another rewarding promotion of BetAnySports is its Point Mover Special Bonus program. When you sign up for this program, you get discounted odds every time you buy points on a football or basketball side or total. But that's not all. You also get the best teaser odds in the industry. And, to top it all off, you can take advantage of BetAnySports' “Ties Win” teaser odds. Then, if one leg of your 2-team teaser ties, while the 2nd leg wins, your teaser doesn't tie — it wins!

Check out BetAnySports' Ties Win teaser odds here:

# of teams Teasers - Ties Wins
NFL Sides 5 6 7 8
All Other Football 5 6 7 8 9
All Basketball 4 5 6 6
2 Ties Win +105 +101 -105 -115 -128 -143 -158 -173 -190
3 Ties Win +195 +185 +172 +157 +142 +127 +115 +105 -104
4 Ties Win +325 +310 +285 +250 +225 +200 +175 +160 +145
5 Ties Win +510 +480 +440 +385 +340 +295 +255 +230 +210
6 Ties Win +775 +730 +660 +580 +505 +420 +360 +320 +285
7 Ties Win +1150 +1075 +970 +845 +725 +590 +500 +440 +285
8 Ties Win +1700 +1590 +1415 +1235 +1000 +810 +680 +595 +515
9 Ties Win +2500 +2325 +2050 +1685 +1400 +1100 +925 +795 +680
10 Ties Win +3650 +3400 +2950 +2375 +1925 +1525 +1250 +1050 +8090
11 Ties Win +5400 +4950 +4250 +3300 +2650 +1950 +1650 +1375 +1150
12 Ties Win +7800 +7200 +6100 +4600 +3600 +2800 +2225 +1825 +1500
13 Ties Win 114 to 1 105 to 1 +8800 +6500 +4900 +3750 +2950 +2400 +1950
14 Ties Win 164 to 1 151 to 1 125 to 1 +9000 +6700 +5100 +3900 +3150 +2550
15 Ties Win 245 to 1 220 to 1 180 to 1 130 to 1 +9500 +6900 +5100 +4050 +3300
Get the $$$ - Join BetAnySports Deposits and Withdrawals

BetAnySports accepts a multitude of deposit methods, including credit card ($50 minimum), Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin ($25 minimum), electronic check, and sportsbook transfer (most major books). When you want to withdraw your money, you can choose among Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, cashier's check, bank wire, and sportsbook transfer. BetAnySports' withdrawal process is easy. And it has a decades-long history of perfect payouts, so your money is safe.


The #1 reason to join BetAnySports is for its reduced juice option. When you join BetAnySports, you have a choice. You can get reduced juice (-105 odds on all standard bets (sides + totals) for all sports except soccer) or you can get a sign-up bonus. If you choose the sign-up bonus, then your odds will be standard -110 for the life of your membership. Understandably, most clients go for the reduced juice option. And it's an easy decision to make. After all, if you're betting, say, 500 dollars a game, then you'll save $25 on each losing bet! That adds up quick. And when you consider that it's for life, then it's really a no-brainer. Heck, even if you only want to bet through a football season, it will be a significant savings. Consider that most football gamblers will bet 20 games on a weekend, and around 400 in a season. Now, let's say you do great, and go 230-170 (57.5%). Well, if you're betting $500 a game, the reduced juice just for that football season will save you $4,250!

In addition to its reduced juice option, BetAnySports stands out for being among the very earliest of the books to release its odds, and also for having unique odds — that is, not always having the same line as the majority of the other books. If you're a very sharp player, these two things are exceptionally important. Let's explain why. Sharp players know when a line is off, and want to attack a soft line early before other sharp players get to it, and move the line. So, if your sportsbook isn't among the very first to post the odds, you're at a disadvantage. Thankfully, BetAnySports is one of the first books to release its odds. Even better: BetAnySports' odds are often a half-point different than the mainstream, which is especially great if you bet with multiple books and want to shop the lines. And, unlike some other books with unique odds, BetAnySports' odds aren't always tilted toward the underdog, or always toward the favorite. Taken together, reduced juice + early odds + unique lines = our #1 sportsbook!

User Interface and Mobile Betting

BetAnySports is the #1 sportsbook here, so it's hard to find fault. But if there is one area to criticize, it's BetAnySports' user interface. The website has a fairly simple design, and is not as modern as, say, Bovada's website. It is, however, mobile-optimized and compatible with iOS and Android.

Betting Limits

BetAnySports accepts wagers as large as $5,000 on the major sports, and $500 for live betting. But unlike many sportsbooks, it allows you to re-bet unlimited times after betting the max.

Live Sports Betting

BetAnySports offers a wide array of live betting options on all major sports, and even major eSports leagues.

Additional and/or Unique Offerings

One of BetAnySports' best features is its extensive range of futures wagers and prop bets, easily among the Top 3 in the industry (and, for my money, the best). Indeed, there are props on almost every event. And you'll even be able to finds odds on non-sports events, such as political races or hot dog eating contests

BetAnySports' racebook is terrific, and offers 10% bonus payouts on winnings at major tracks, as well as a 9% rebate on losing tickets. And when your favorite sport is out-of-season, you can relax and play in the BetAnySports casino, which has some of the best odds online (verified by independent auditors) or play poker.

Customer Service

BetAnySports prides itself on its exceptional customer service, which is available 24/7. You can easily have your questions answered via telephone at 1-800-604-5922, live chat or email at

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