World Cup Goalscorer Futures

by Amedeus Mastrangelo

Friday, Nov 18, 2022
The World Cup is right around the corner and there are tons of ways to find value in many of the markets offered. One of the markets that is great to find value in is who will be the top goalscorer in the tournament. There are different ways to bet this as it is always good to pick a team that will go deep into the tournament, but that might not always be the best strategy as teams that go deep in the tournament have a lot of talent at all positions. Another way to look at it would be to pick a smaller team that relies more on a sole player to be a large portion of their attack. These are some handpicked players that have the best value for betting top goalscorer in the tournament.

Top Goalscorer

Harry Kane +700: Harry Kane is the biggest favorite on the list and he is clearly the obvious choice being the main source of England’s attack. England is not a team that is going to score a lot of goals though as their defense is much better than their attack right now. The goals they do score though will likely be from Harry Kane. England also has a chance to make a deep run in the tournament because of their defense and the big point that gives Kane a lot of his value here is the fact that not only is he the main source of their offense, but he is also the main guy to take the penalty kicks for England so despite being the biggest favorite, the value is there for Kane to finish with the most goals. 

Kylian Mbappe +800: Kylian Mbappe is the next biggest favorite on this list and it will be much tougher for him to win this achievement just because he has another big goalscorer on his team in Karim Benzema. Benzema has been dealing with some injuries over the last few months though as he was injured in Champions League when playing for Real Madrid so there is a chance he will not be as involved in scoring on their attack and will leave the goal scoring aspect to Mbappe. Mbappe is by far one of the most talented players in the tournament and if France hopes to make another deep run in the World Cup this year, they will need some goals from Mbappe here. Mbappe has the value here due to Benzema being banged up a bit and the fact that France very well could make a deep run into the tournament. 

Cristiano Ronaldo +2000: Jumping ahead over a few players the next on this list is Ronaldo for Portugal. Ronaldo offers a lot of value for top goalscorer here for a lot of the same reasons as Kane does. Portugal has a very good team that has a chance of going deep into the tournament and Ronaldo is a big part of their attack and goal scoring as well. Ronaldo also takes a majority of their penalty kicks which really boosts his value here. Ronaldo is not getting any younger either and Messi recently announced that this is his last World Cup so it is hard to see Ronaldo having many left in him. Ronaldo has not played very often for his club Man Utd and with the transfer window coming in January, this is Ronaldo’s chance to show he still has a lot left in the tank for a major European club so he has a lot of extra motivation to try and dominate this tournament. Ronaldo offers a lot of value to finish as the top goalscorer for all those reasons. 

Robert Lewandowski +4000: Robert Lewandowski is the next on this handpicked list and a lot of it has to do with the fact that Poland is not one of the European powers and a lot of their attack comes from this man right here. Poland may not go very deep into the tournament but they have a very good chance of making it out of the group stage and if they do end up qualifying, a majority of their goals will be scored by Lewandowski as he has been one of the best strikers on the planet for years. He has been dominating as the striker of Bayern Munich for years before he left for Barcelona this season, but he has still been scoring beautiful goals and he will be the main source of Poland’s attack here. He is also the most likely to take their penalty kicks as well so he has a lot of value here considering Poland is not a team that needs to go very deep in the tournament for him to score a lot of goals.

Aleksandar Mitrovic +6600: Aleksandar Mitrovic gets the next spot on this list and a lot of his value here is the same as the value in Lewandowski. Serbia has a very good team that is being highly underestimated this year but they have been scoring a lot of goals in their competitions leading up to this and Mitrovic has been a huge part of their attack. He is their guy when it comes to scoring goals and his talent even stretches out to the Premier League as he is the leading goalscorer for Fulham as well. He will be the guy taking penalties for this team but Serbia also has a very good chance to make it out of their group and they will not need to go very deep in the tournament for Mitrovic to score goals. Serbia also plays in a group with the very talented Brazil and 2 other very defensive teams so they need to score goals to get out of this group and their attack is very good led by Mitrovic so he has a lot of value here and is also a personal favorite to be the top goalscorer. 

Leroy Sane +6600: Leroy Sane is the final player on this handpicked list and he just makes the cut due to the way he has been playing for his club recently and the fact that Germany does not play defense well in their matches. Sane has been scoring a lot of goals for his club Bayern Munich in their recent matches and with Germany lacking a true striker on their squad, the goals have to come from somewhere and Sane has been on fire recently. Germany is also a team that does not play defense very well and tends to allow a lot of goals so in turn, they have to score a lot of goals to win their matches and Sane will be a big part of their attack when it comes to scoring goals. He is not a true striker either but the goals have to come from someone considering this is a team that scores a lot, and Sane has the best chance to lead this team as he can score goals from anywhere on the field and has been in great form playing for his domestic club. Sane offers a lot of value as Germany has a chance to both score a lot of goals in the tournament and go very deep in it as well. 

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