World Cup Futures (Best Bets)

by Amedeus Mastrangelo

The World Cup is just a few days away now and we have already discussed the many different ways to bet on futures for it. We have covered futures to win the tournament outright, group betting, and even players to be the top goalscorer. Now it is time to run through all of the categories that offer the best value to bet on and the specific future bets that I deem to be “best bets” for this tournament.

Best Bets

Netherlands To Win Outright +1200: This is a bet on the Netherlands to win the World Cup outright this year. The Netherlands has a very good team this year and they are being underestimated a lot in this World Cup. They have been building up their squad since before the last Euro Cup and even though they did not do great in that tournament, they are much improved since then and have a lot of talent on their team. They have a strong defense and a very strong midfield to keep them in a lot of their matches but their attack is also very good as they have been scoring a lot of goals in recent competitions and they have the talent to make a very deep run here. They are one of the more complete teams competing this season as a lot of the other teams have issues of either being too attack heavy or play too defensively, but the Netherlands has a great balance between their attack and defense and the strength of their midfield will be able to carry them deep into this tournament. This is a true darkhorse to win the entire tournament but they also have one of the best chances from a talent perspective. 

Aleksandar Mitrovic Top Goalscorer +6600: This is a bet on Aleksandar Mitrovic from Serbia to finish as the top goalscorer in the tournament. Serbia has a very good team that is being underestimated and even though they are not expected to make it out of the group stage, they have a much better chance at qualifying than Switzerland or Cameroon does because of their strong attack and ability to score goals. Serbia will make it out of the group stage this year but they do not even need to go very deep for Mitrovic to score a lot of goals. They are going to need to score lots of goals in the group stage to get past Cameroon and Switzerland and as long as they win those matches by outsourcing their opponent, they will make it out even if they lose to Brazil. Mitrovic is going to be a big source for a lot of Serbia’s goals though and he will even have chances to score through penalties as he is their leading scorer. Mitrovic is also the leading goalscorer for his Premier League club Fulham and he has been in great form for both his domestic club and his country in their recent matches. In the past, the top goalscorer in the tournament does not really score more than 6 goals and even if Serbia only plays in 4 matches, Mitrovic is the leader of this attack and could easily get to 6 goals with some of the teams they are going to face. Mitrovic offers the best bang for your buck here as he has a very good chance of finishing as the top goalscorer.

Germany To Win Group E +110: This is a bet on Germany to win their Group E in the group stage and the fact that they are not even favored here is absolutely absurd. They play in a group with Costa Rica, Japan, and Spain who are all very defensive teams. Costa Rica and Japan rely a lot on defense to win their matches and their attacks are not very good as neither team tends to score a lot of goals. Germany has a very strong attack that is going to find the net on both of those teams and they will be no match for Germany when they play each other. That leaves just Spain left as the one threat to win this group as they are the favorite right now but they are not even a true threat to win this tournament. Spain is also a very defensive team that relies too heavily on their defensive play to win matches and they do not score many goals either to help out their defense with their attack. They are the kind of team that will score 1 goal or maybe even 2 and try to sit on their lead with defense the entire match. That is going to get them burned when they play a team like Germany who will be able to find the net on them and Spain does not have the attack to keep up with Germany if they fall behind in that match. Spain also has a very young team that is not ready to make a deep run in the World Cup as they need more time to develop their young players. Spain will become a threat 4 years from now when they are more developed but as for this tournament, they have no real shot at beating Germany in this group.

Serbia To Qualify From Group G +110: This is a bet on Serbia to qualify out of their group as they have the best chance to take the 2nd place spot. They are in a group with Brazil, Switzerland, and Cameroon. Brazil has one of the best teams in the world with all of the talent they have so it is hard to see Serbia winning this group over Brazil but they can definitely qualify with the talent they have on their squad. They will be focused on winning their matches against Switzerland and Cameroon as those will be what decides who goes through. Cameroon is the weakest team in the group and Serbia should have no problem disposing of them but Switzerland is actually favored to make it out of the group over Serbia. Switzerland has a good defense but they do not score a lot of goals as their attack is not very good and they will try to beat Serbia with a big defensive effort. Serbia also has a decent defense though but they have an attack that can score a lot of goals and a striker in Mitrovic who is on fire in his recent matches. Serbia has a very strong attack that will be able to break through the Switzerland defense and find the net. Once Serbia takes a lead against them it will be hard for Switzerland to answer with that weak attack and if they have to push their attack in that situation, they will only open up themselves to more goals from the potent Serbia attack. Serbia is the better team here and they have the best chance of qualifying out of this group with Brazil. 

Brazil 1st, Serbia 2nd Group Forecast +200: This is a bet on the group forecast for Group G with Brazil finishing 1st in the group and Serbia finishing 2nd. As mentioned before Serbia has the better chance of advancing out of the group over Switzerland and with the amount of talent Brazil has on their team at every position, none of those teams are going to be able to touch them and steal this group. Serbia to qualify at +110 is a very good bet but if looking for some extra on it then this is also a very good bet due to the fact that no other team is going to win this group other than Brazil so this is almost like a Serbia to qualify at +200 bet.

Winning Continent South America +162: This is a bet on South America to be the winning continent of this World Cup and there is a lot of value in this play. Europe is the favored continent here at -188 just due to the higher number of teams they have competing in the tournament but the 2 biggest favorites right now to win the tournament outright are both teams from South America, Brazil and Argentina. Brazil by far has the most talent at every position on their team than any other country in the tournament and Argentina also has the motivation of this being Messi’s last World Cup ever along with the talent on their team. These may be the only 2 South American teams with a chance to go deep in the tournament but both teams are loaded with talent and even the bookmakers have them as the top 2 teams to win it all. One of these teams is bound to make the finals with the amount of talent each has on their team so this is a great bet with lots of value as the winner could easily be one of those South American powers. 

Thibaut Courtois To Win Golden Glove +500: This is a bet on the Belgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois to win the Golden Glove for this tournament. Belgium does not have as good a team as they have had in recent years with a lot of their top talent aging, but if they are to make a deep run in this tournament then Courtois is going to be a big reason why. Over the last year, Courtois has been dominating in net for Real Madrid pumping out clean sheet after clean sheet and has been making some incredible saves in the process. He took on a lot of shots from Liverpool in last year’s Champions League Finals but he made the big saves every time and really helped carry Real Madrid to that title. He has been playing very well in net in his recent matches and if Belgium is to make a deep run in this tournament, Courtois will be a big reason why with the saves he will have to make. 

Group G Highest Scoring Group +700: This is a bet on Group G to be the highest scoring group at the end of the group stage. Group G is one of the biggest underdogs on the board for this category but they are the group that also possesses 2 of the strongest attacks in the tournament. Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon are the teams that will be playing in Group G and even though Cameroon is not very good, they can still score goals in this group. Switzerland is a much more defensive team with a weaker attack but even they can score some goals in their matches and will not go scoreless in all 3 matches. Then there is Brazil who has one of the strongest squads in the World and could easily end up scoring 5 goals on each of these teams while Serbia also has a very strong attack that could find the net many times and both Switzerland and Cameroon. Considering the strength of attack and defensive play for some of these other teams in the other groups, Group G has the best chance of scoring the most goals as a whole with the strength of attacks for the teams in that group. There is a lot of value on this play.

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