Mike Tyson/Roy Jones Jr. Recap

by Ben Burns

by Ben Burns

I'm not ashamed to admit that I watched Saturday's boxing "exhibition." It was somewhat entertaining. However, I'm a little reluctant to admit that I actually bet on the "fight."

Watching Tyson and Jones Jr. felt a lot like watching Thai boxing in an outdoor bar in Thailand. It looked and felt real, but there was also the feeling that the contestants were there to put on a show. 

It appeared that Tyson, who apparently had dropped 100 pounds to get down to 220, was landing some decent shots and that he was capable of taking Jones out at any time. Yet, it didn't happen. Roy did a lot of clinching and avoided the fatal blow. 

The decision of a draw was obviously a joke. Tyson won the fight. What do you think, was the result predetermined? 

While he may not have been awarded the decision, I'd say that Tyson still came out as a big winner. He got his name in the spotlight and actually looked pretty good in the ring. He also ended up coming across like a "good guy." Not only did he reportedly give a lot of the profits to charity, he was also gracious, despite being robbed by the judges. 

Only in 2020. 

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