NHL Metro Division at the Tri-Point

by Scott Rickenbach

Tuesday, Dec 06, 2022
NHL Metro Division at the Tri-Point

Teams are nearing the ⅓ point of the season as they are right around the 27 game mark of the 82 game season. Here are some things to watch from this division in the coming months and the teams with which I feel we will have some value:

NEW JERSEY DEVILS: I know it is contrarian based on their hot start to the season but I will be looking for spots to fade the Devils. Having won 80 percent of the games so far with 20 wins in 25 games is simply an unsustainable success rate. You can not just blindly fade a strong team but let's say they are in a bad scheduling spot and facing a solid team…these are the spots I will be looking for. 

NEW YORK RANGERS: Most of the teams in this division are where they should be in my opinion. The Rangers are the exception however. Look for Shesterkin to settle down in goal and this team will start to play like they are capable of. Remember they had solid playoff run last season and I look for them to go on a surge here soon. 

WASHINGTON CAPITALS: The Capitals will soon be getting healthier. The key though is who comes back and how soon but keep an eye on this Caps team. The markets will value them based on their record. But they are better than their record. As guys come back from injury, this Caps team will get stronger and stronger. 

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