NHL Central Division at the Tri-Point

by Scott Rickenbach

Tuesday, Dec 06, 2022
NHL Central Division at the Tri-Point

Teams are nearing the ⅓ point of the season as they are right around the 27 game mark of the 82 game season. Here are some things to watch from this division in the coming months and the teams with which I feel we will have some value:

WINNIPEG JETS: With the former Dallas Stars head coach running the show the Jets are more of a defensive minded team. They also still have a solid goalie in Hellebuyck. The results have translated to solid success on the ice with a low goals against total. The further we get into the season the more and more important this will be. Keep an eye on the Jets for value spots because the markets still have not caught up with them. 

NASHVILLE PREDATORS: Most of the teams in this division are where they should be in my opinion. The Predators are an exception however. Nashville has won about half of its games despite struggling to score goals at times and having a negative goal differential. The Predators started this season with two wins in Europe over the Sharks. So since then their record is not overly impressive yet is still better than it should be based on the metrics and their overall production on the ice. That said we should see a continued regression toward the mean. I will be keeping my eyes out for spots to fade this team as they will be over-rated by the markets still fro a period of time. 

ARIZONA COYOTES: The Coyotes have a rather poor record and are certainly not a great team. However, this team will have 27 of first 31 games on the road this season. It is a crazy scheduling dynamic. They now, temporarily, are playing their home games in Mullet Arena on the campus of Arizona State. That is a cozy arena holding only 5,000 but it is a great environment for the fans and the team. They have only had 4 home games so far and are undervalued right now. No, this team is not likely to make the playoffs but the point is that this team could be flying under the radar of most folks and actually could be a good value play in a lot of spots coming up very soon. They could surprise folks when their schedule improves and that improvement is imminent.

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