NFL Super Bowl LVI Contenders and Pretenders – NFC

by Scott Rickenbach

Tuesday, Jan 04, 2022
NFL Super Bowl LVI Contenders and Pretenders – NFC

With one week of regular season action left before the post-season gets underway, here is my list of Contenders and Pretenders from bottom to top in the NFC:

1) New Orleans – Pretender. Have a chance to make the post-season because SF facing a Rams team with plenty to play for in the final week. But the Saints QB situation in the post-Brees era is why this team won’t go far even if they get into the playoffs. 

2) San Francisco – Pretender – Have a decent chance to miss the post-season because they will face a motivated team in the final week of the season. Even if they get in they won’t go far  based on the Jimmy Garoppolo thumb injury holding this team back.

3) Philadelphia – Pretender – The inexperience of rookie HC Nick Sirianni and QB Jalen Hurts in post-season action will hurt this team come playoff time. 

4) Arizona – Contender – Still has a chance to win the division but would need to win final game plus see the Rams lose in final week. Either way, if they get Conner back at RB and Murray plays well at QB like he is certainly fully capable of, this team can make a run. They impressed at Dallas in Week 17 in a clutch spot.

5) Dallas – Pretender – The home loss to Arizona in Week 17 will have a carryover effect into the post-season. This team just too inconsistent to make a legitimate run at winning it all this year. Also had home losses to Las Vegas and Denver which says a lot about this team.

6) Tampa Bay – Contender – Guy by the name of Tom Brady is the QB and you know the post-season experience he brings plus Leonard Fournette should be back from injury in time for the playoffs. No longer the team to beat and I don’t see them coming out of the NFC but they are still a key contender.

7) Los Angeles Rams – Pretender – I know many would argue this point with me but the Rams fall into this category because I just can’t fully trust Stafford at QB. Over the last 3 games of the season during a crucial push for securing the division title he has more INTs (6) than TDs (5). I know they have Cupp and Beckham as receiving options but proceed with caution as Rams could ultimately have turnovers be their undoing. 

8) Green Bay – Contender – Home field locked up and a guy by the name of Aaron Rodgers – loaded with experience – is the quarterback. Also, incredible season for WR Davante Adams and this Packers team plays well on defense too. They are top contender no doubt. Upsets happen and are part of the game, but this is a legitimate top contender to represent the NFC!

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