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Tuesday, Jul 26, 2022
Packers - Over 11 wins

Green Bay has won 13 games for three straight seasons since Matt LaFleur took over head coaching duties in 2019. That regular season consistency has been met with just as much playoff inconsistency, leading to disappointing finishes each year. The lack of playoff success is a major reason why people seem to forget that the Packers still have the back to back NFL MVP. Aaron Rodgers became the starter in 2008, since then, Green Bay has won 10 or more games in 8 of 12 seasons. Obviously, the loss of Davante Adams changes the offense completely, yet LaFleur has shown the ability to scheme other players open in Adams absence. Since 2019 the Packers are actually 7-0 without the All-Pro WR. In a soft division, with a relatively easy strength of schedule (22nd), and a much improved defense, we expect Green Bay to surpass 11 wins. 

Rams - Under 10.5 wins

Fresh off bringing a Super Bowl to Los Angeles, the Rams get rewarded with the toughest schedule in the NFL. Looking through their 2022 opponents, it is difficult to find more than five games that the Rams should clearly win. They play ATL, CAR, NO, and get SEA twice. Outside of those games, they play the entire AFC West, then mix in the Bills, Chiefs, Packers, along with four games against the Cards and 49ers. Matt Stafford and Sean McVay are one for one so far together but they sure do have their work cut out for them in 2022. GM Les Snead has been able to pull off the “going all in” mentality while still maintaining long term success and somehow remaining under the salary cap. The downside to giving up picks is a lack of depth and youth. LA will rely on veterans to play key roles throughout their 17 week trek, and could leave them susceptible to dropping a few close games. 

Texans - Over 4.5 wins 

Houston has the lowest win total heading into the NFL season, and this is not a bad thing. When teams fail to prepare, thinking they have a free win for the week, it leads to trap games that the Texans can possibly win. The fact that they play the Jaguars twice is also a plus when trying to think how Houston can get to five wins. Davis Mills leads the offense and had a surprisingly pleasant end to his rookie campaign. A second year always helps the game slow down and there is positive buzz that he could be the longterm guy in Houston. It feels this team is trending in the right direction with a strong draft class in 2022 that will only improve from their four wins in 2021.

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