2022 NFC North Division Preview

by Scott Rickenbach

Thursday, Aug 11, 2022
NFC North Division Win Total / Preview for 2022 NFL


Chicago Bears – Current odds are 6 flat. Hard to peg this team. This article is not necessarily about projecting win totals but more so just a quick preview of each team. That said, Bears have had some key turnover that makes them difficult to project. Losing a star LB like Mack and solid WR like Robinson will impact a team that already seemed to be sliding some. In terms of their win total this is one that seems a little low when you consider their favorable schedule but QB such an important position and Fields likely to go through more growing pains this season. 

Detroit Lions – Current odds are 6.5 flat. They will have a better record than last season I am sure as they at least did manage to play .500 ball over their final 6 games. However, I would be hard pressed to say they get to 7 wins so would have to lean under here. I do like some of their off-season moves and they were heavy on defense in the draft but it will take time for those guys to develop and Detroit was one of the worst teams in the league on defense last season. If offense clicks with some of the receiving talent added in off-season activity plus the draft, this could be an “over” team in terms of O/U’s on a weekly basis but how fast they “mesh” will be the key. The defense will likely be a struggle once again.
Green Bay Packers – Current odds are 11 flat. When your QB is Aaron Rodgers that is huge. He has lost some key WR talent but if newly acquired Sammy Watkins stays healthy and the WR talent added in the draft pays off, this GB passing attack will still be ultra-dangerous. Statistically this team was one of the best in the league on both sides of the ball and I do like their defense. They are still the top team in the NFC North but I would say 11 wins seems pegged just right. 

Minnesota Vikings – Current odds are 9 flat. As for their win total, 9 seems about right. But this looks like another team I will be keeping an eye on to possibly be an “over” team in terms of O/U’s on a weekly basis. Their new coach is an offensive-minded guy and the Vikings offense was already the strong suit of this team in comparison with the defense. Now Minnesota lost some veteran pieces from last year’s defense and they already rated quite low on that side of the ball. When you consider all those factors plus the fact the new additions to the D side are mostly through the draft and will take time to develop, this Vikings team could be involved in a lot of shootouts this season it seems.

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