New York Mets Vs San Francisco Giants Predictions, Odds, Preview 08/16/2021

by James Q

New York Mets Vs San Francisco Giants Predictions, Odds, Preview 08/16/2021

Game Time
:9:45 pm ET, Sunday, August 16th, 2021
Venue:  Oracle Park, San Francisco, California
Where to Watch:  NBCS BA, SNY

Season-to-Date Record:

Mets:  59-57 (3rd place National League East)
Giants:  75-42 (1st place, National League West)

Opening Odds at USA Sportsbooks:

No Line projections at this time.  Fitting with the stats the Giants should be around -170, and Mets +150.  The Over/Under  should be 9 to 9.5.  The numbers could go anywhere depending on what Giants pitcher is decided upon.  Take the Giants with the moneyline and the Over.  Parlay them if you want.

Key Injuries:

Mets:  Jacob deGrom (elbow) Out, Francisco Lindor (oblique) Out
Giants:  Jay Jackson (ill) Out, Tyler Beeds (back) Out, Johnny Cueto (ill) Out

Recent Lineups:


B. Nimmo, CF
J. McNeil, 2B
P. Alonso, 1B
D. Smith, LF
M. Conforto, RF
J. Davis, 3B
J. Villar, SS
T. Nido, C_


A. Slater, CF
K. Bryant, RF
B. Posey, C
D. Ruf, 1B
E. Longoria, 3B
B. Crawford, SS
W. Flores, 2B
D. Solano, 2B

Statistical Leaders:


Batting Average: Brandon Nimmo (.280)

Hits: Pete Alonso & Dominic Smith (96)

Home Runs:  Pete Aloso (25)

RBI: Pete Alonso (65)

Stolen Bases: Jonathan Villar (9)

Wins: Marcus Stroman (11)

Saves:  Edwin Diaz (25)

ERA: Jacob DeGrom (1.08)


Batting Average:  Buster Posey (.331)

Hits:  Brandon Crawford (99)

Home Runs:  Brandon Crawford (19)

RBI: Brandon Crawford (69)

Stolen Bases:  Brandon Crawford (9)

Wins:  Kevin Gausman & Anthony DeSclafani (11)

Saves:  Jake McGee (24)

ERA:  Kevin Gausman (2.29)


Mets:  Luis Rojas,  Zack Scott GM
Giants:  Gabe Kapler,  Scott Harris GM

Recent Form:

The Mets are 4-6 over their last ten games.  4 Unders 6 Overs.  And no, the Overs and Unders do not match the win-loss record, as the Mets don’t decide whether they win or lose on the offensive end.  They lost the first two against the Dodgers 0-2, They swept the Washington Nationals 3-0 (yay, another struggling team!!), They got swept by the Phillies 0-3 (boo, another good team), and they split with the Marlins 1-1…. Over that stretch.

The Giants are 8-2 over their last ten games.  4 Overs, 5 Unders, and a Push.  They went 2-1 against the Colorado Rockies, swept the Arizona Cardinals 2-0, beat the Milwaukee Brewers 2-1, and swept Arizona again 2-0… over that stretch.  They are playing great.  Batting and Pitching firing on all cylinders. They get the nod for MLB picks money line reliability.  (not applicable in Tn, Wv, Va, Ia… or anywhere mask mandates give you the ookie cookies). 

Statistical Comparison:

The Mets are 25th in batting average .235, 28th in runs scored 439, and 28th in hits 863.  They have nothing in the tank and no second gear. For entertainment purposes if we counted the number of scoreless innings… the Mets lead the league in that category.  The Mets are a cold ticket at BetMGM sportsbook.

The Mets starting rotation isn’t doing much better than the batters. 8th in ERA at 3.69 (which is good)... but 25th in runs given up 454, and 24th in home runs given up 127.  The good ERA is because they have burned through so many pitchers between call-ups and bullpen relievers… and they relied on Jacob deGrom to lift the numbers.

The Giants are 9th in batting average .246, 8th in runs scored 577, and 9th in hits 966.  Solid offense across the board.  Not the best but almost.

The Giants pitchers are nice!  2nd in ERA 3.33, 2nd in runs given up 436, and 4th in Home runs given up 117.  The Dodgers beat them in all pitching categories except for that stingy home run mark.  

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  Mets Vs Giants Game Preview:

The first pitch starter for the Mets and the first pitch starter for the Giants will be the infamous “To Be Decided.  I can’t tell you the Whip for TBD… only that the respective bullpens will spit out matchups based on who is not exhausted from a long, hot, busy weekend.  The Mets odds slightly increase by having no idea which pitcher, ignored by fantasy baseball, will test their accuracy against a murderer's row of Giant plate appearances.

The Mets last played a three-game series against the Los Angeles Dodgers (Sunday’s results are not in yet).. Where they took a shellacking.  They lost on Friday the 13th 6-5 on a couple of fluke plays.  You can chalk that up to bad luck on a bad luck day… but why then drop the next day?  Because history tells us that every year, around this time, the Mets start asking “Why do we do this?” and shrink into re-build mode.

The Giants are playing like Champs. 75-42 and firmly in first ahead of the Dodgers.  While it won’t last all the way to the World Series (mark it, I said it) as that is an Astros vs Dodgers date made by the Angels in the outfield themselves… they will make easy work of the NL East Mets.  In short the Giants are playing like the warranties will never expire.. They will, but not on Monday.

Notable quotes:

"It's slightly improving, but it's going to be two more weeks, no throwing…. Then we'll see further imaging after two weeks."  Mets manager Rojas said of shutting deGrom down for two weeks.
"He wants to pitch. He wants to help the team. There's nothing he can do. Just have to commit to these two weeks."  Rojas lied…. Truth is the season is done and Jacob can only really accomplish risking health over longevity by throwing again.
"This is the only organization we've ever known and they've always taken such good care of me and my family,"  Said Brandon Crawford after reaching a 2 year 32 million dollar extension.  Bumping Crawford up from his current 15 million a year to 16 million a year.  Not bad scratch for a 34 year old shortstop.  

"I'm 34. Playing 'til I'm 36 sounds pretty good to me," Brandon went on to overstate.  

"As a kid I always dreamed of wearing the Giants uniform and never really thought about playing anywhere else,"  WE GET IT!!  Thanks Brandon.  We are happy for you too.

Mets Vs Giants Prediction:  Our MLB Pick for Monday August 16th game is Giants 9 Mets 2

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