My Big Play Taken By Storm; Update on Daily Recap

by Vegas Writer

Sunday, Aug 06, 2023
I planned on releasing my new and improved "Daily Recap" with the arrival of preseason football, giving you the template of what you can expect as we head into the best time of the year.

But after the way the Phoenix Mercury lost to the Seattle Storm last night - my Western Conference Game of the Year - I felt I owed you a personal message.

Honestly, I don't know what was more disappointing, watching USA bow out the way it did to Sweden in the World Cup, or seeing how the Mercury lost.

I don't like to point fingers at teams or players, but the loss of Shey Peddy at the end of the second quarter was damn near fatal for the second half.

You can not have one of your best playmakers off the court when you're trying to defend a lead against a team that is playing for as much pride as you are.

When Peddy took an accidental elbow to the back of her head by Storm forward Jordan Horston at 1:34, the scene that unfolded had to be a bit traumatizing for Peddy's teammates, as she was taken off on a stretcher.

"Whenever you see someone go out in a stretcher, it’s terrifying. Especially Shey, who is such a warrior and always puts everything out there," Diana Taurasi said.

Thus, the Storm turned back a nine-point halftime deficit and outscored the shaken Mercury 27-15 in the third quarter.

You can't handicap injuries, and you certainly cannot handicap fluke injuries.

Nobody take a loss harder than yours truly, so gear up for a big bounce back on Sunday, as I continue this incredible MLB run.

I'm on an overall 52-39 roll since June 13, including a 45-26 MLB run for a net profit of $19,340.

Over the last seven days, I'm No. 1 on the leaderboard with $5,450 net profit. And over the L30 days I'm No. 2 on the leaderboard with $6,000 net profit.

In baseball the L60 Days, I'm No. 1 on the leaderboard with $16,310 net profit, No. 1 the L30 days with $7,850 net cash flow, and No. 2 the L7 days with $4,700.

I hit the Minnesota Twins Run Line (+130) over the Diamondbacks on Saturday, and today I'll deliver the goods with another winning day on the diamond.

Stay tuned this coming week, as I unveil my new-and-improved Daily Recap that will be a must read this football season.

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