Moneyline Option in ATS Sports

by Scott Rickenbach

Saturday, Jul 03, 2021

When one thinks of moneyline sports betting the first sports that come to mind tend to be baseball or hockey or soccer (which also offers a 3-way moneyline because of the prevalence of draws). However, consideration of the moneyline in ATS sports in sports like Basketball and Football is certainly not out of the question and, in fact, sometimes can offer substantial value.

That final word, value, is really the key to everything in the way to approach sports betting. You want to make sure the value is there at the price you are laying based on the specific wager. This has come to the forefront of my mind during the 2021 NBA Playoffs because of the way certain trending has played out and that is why I am writing about it here as basketball winds down and football is right around the corner. Could we see some value in utilizing the moneyline this coming football season?

Just using basketball as an example, yes it pays to pay attention to certain trends and utilizing that in your sports betting. These things do tend to be trendy so it is good to watch for patterns. Let us take a look at the patterns of the teams that were the final four teams standing in the quest for the NBA crown in 2021: Clippers, Suns, Bucks, Hawks.

These are just examples and certainly not meant to be encompassing but I am just taking a window of time and showing you how strong these trends can be at times. From May 24th to July 1st the Bucks had just 1 game out of 15 that saw the SU winner not also be the ATS winner. From May 26th to July 1st the Hawks 16 games all featured the SU winner also being the ATS winner. From May 23rd until the end of the series on June 30th, the Suns saw only 1 of 16 games finish with an ATS winner that was not also the SU winner. From May 22nd until the end of the series on June 30th, the Clippers had just 1 game out of 19 in which the SU winner was not also the ATS winner.

All of that above information – when it is trending like that – how do we just it to our advantage? That is the point of this article. If a team was -3 ATS and the moneyline was -140 you may be enticed to minimize risk of laying the 3 points and instead lay the -140 price on the moneyline. Or the other side of the equation is you might want the value of having the +7 on a team rather than the long odds of playing a +280 dog on the moneyline. This is normal to view these situations in this way but just consider the summary below.

What all of the above is showing you is that if you just take the team you handicapped as “the play” for the game, at least in this post-season, it was trending strongly to avoid putting yourself in higher juice or lower payout situations. Like a team plus the points? May as well play them plus money on the moneyline! Like a team minus the points so considering the pricier moneyline? Do not do it…just lay the points! Of course, not all time frames will go like this but it happens and is worth watching for. Paying attention pays off as the saying goes and trends can be strong at times! Keep this in mind when taking a look at ATS sports and considering moneyline options.

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