MLB Early Season Betting Tips/Strategies

by Kyle Hunter

Friday, Mar 29, 2024
It’s the start of another Major League Baseball season. Every team has tons of hope in late March, and we will learn a lot about guys in new situations in the coming months. Let’s take a look at a few key strategies to use early in the season betting on baseball.

*Check the weather reports especially closely in the early season. The baseball simply doesn’t fly very well some areas with the cooler weather early in the season. The wind is a big key, and there are some parks where wind blowing in is a huge factor. Everyone knows Wrigley Field is one to watch, but pay close attention to Fenway and Progressive Field as well.The under can have value in these spots.

*Look for spots to take road underdogs in the very early going. If you just blindly bet moneyline road underdogs in Major League Baseball in the first ten days of the season, you would have cleared some serious cash in the last 15 years. My speculation is that those underdogs are highly motivated early in the season because they are often coming off a poor season and everyone has hope in the first ten games of the season. As a general rule too, I believe home field advantage is overrated by many bettors. 

*Remember to factor in defense in your handicap. Too many baseball bettors don’t consider the defenses of the two teams. The starting pitchers, offense, and bullpen are clearly very important. However, whether a team has a strong defense and saves runs or is costing themselves runs by committing errors is a big key. I find that this is even more important early in the season. More errors are committed early in the season when players aren’t quite back into the swing of things. Make sure you are focusing on teams who are at least decent defensively.

*Bankroll management- Bankroll management is always key in betting, but being patient and pragmatic with your wagers early in a long baseball season is extremely important. There is a very long season ahead. Use a consistent strategy and don’t overextend in betting. 

*Don’t overreact to spring training stats- Some bettors look far too much at spring training stats when placing their bets for early season baseball. For younger players the spring training stats matter more, but in proven experienced players I would be careful not to overreact. Many pitchers use the preseason to work on new pitches and see if it will work out. I suggest for veteran players that you use previous seasons data specifically on the early season far more than spring training stats.

It’s a long grind of a season. Enjoy the ride! 

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