MLB 2024: NL West Division Preview

by Scott Rickenbach

Friday, Mar 29, 2024
NL West Division Preview for MLB 2024

First number is the estimated projected wins per sportsbook odds while the second number is last season’s win total. This is followed by quick information on each team that likely impacts their season. 

Arizona Diamondbacks – 83.5 projected wins. Last season 84 wins. The Diamondbacks look as strong as last season but the defending NL Champs now have a bullseye on their backs after their surprising post-season run last year. Still this is a solid pitching staff and the bullpen really improved in the final couple months of last season. Quite a solid lineup too. Still could this be a .500 season at best? It sure seems to be heading that way considering the improvements others are making. 

Colorado Rockies – 60.5 projected wins. Last season 59 wins. Another 100+ loss season is likely for Colorado. The Rockies are still young and trying to build for the future. Rotation looks like a concern again and adding to that is a couple of hurlers that will be coming back at some point this season but each of them off of Tommy John surgery. This lineup can score well at home but always tend to be so road-adverse. The bullpen has a lot of lesser-known arms also. 

Los Angeles Dodgers – 103.5 projected wins. Last season 100 wins. Huge move with the signing of Ohtani of course. But will trying to move Betts from the outfield to the infield end up being a big mistake? The Dodgers have question marks in the rotation outside of Glasnow however. This LA team hit very well last season but also had a high ERA starting rotation last year as well. Looks like starter Tony Gonsolin will miss the season as well. The bullpen no longer has Shelby Miller but still looks to be a strength again. I personally don’t trust the rotation enough and think this team wins in the 90s this season! 

San Diego Padres – 83.5 projected wins. Last season 82 wins. This team lost too much in my opinion. Juan Soto and Josh Hader and plus losing some starting pitching. The rotation is much different. Can this year’s team, unlike last year, win more close games and extra-innings games? I am not counting on this as this team simply lost too much. Solid top 3 of the rotation but have to question the rest plus can they stay healthy? The bullpen lost too much as well. I feel this team lands in the 70s for their win total. Too many question marks and issues. 

San Francisco Giants – 83.5 projected wins. Last season 79 wins. The managerial change from Kapler to Melvin is going to trigger improvement from the Giants this season. Also, San Francisco added some solid bats to the lineup that should pay immediate dividends. One concern for the Giants is their starting pitching rotation is top heavy. That keeps this SF team from being stronger and the low to mid 80s sounds about right for a win total for the Giants. Keep an eye on this team as they could surprise as Melvin gets a strong new culture fully ingrained with this clubhouse as the season goes along. If they could get some pitching surprises (positive ones) from the rotation and the bullpen with new guys stepping up, this team could push for 90 wins. 

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