MLB 2022: AL West Division Preview

by Scott Rickenbach

Wednesday, Apr 06, 2022
AL West Division Preview for MLB 2022

Houston Astros – Look for the Astros to finish in the upper 80s to the low 90s for a win total this season and that should be good enough for the top spot in this division. Just a solid team through and through but one thing that makes it tough on them is everyone always gunning for them. But Houston still has all the right pieces in place and barring major injury issues should win this division. 

Los Angeles Angels – These team should be right around .500 but this team a little tough to gauge in my opinion with some question marks. Their starting rotation just is not that strong and always has injury concerns. Their lineup has some big bats of course but is too top-heavy. The bullpen is good with this team but can the team even get games to them? That is the big question and I will likely be looking to fade this team more than play on them. 

Oakland Athletics – This team has really fallen and should have a win total only getting into the lower 70s. Bassitt now with the Mets and Manaea now with the Padres so the A’s rotation is a mess now and their lineup and bullpen not strong enough to make up for that. A team that won mid-80s last season will struggle to avoid 90 losses this season. All the rumors of a move to Vegas have not helped this team either for sure. Just a mess in Oakland truly. 

Seattle Mariners – This team has improved as they showed last year and should get to mid-80s in wins this season. Really like this lineup and then especially have to like the addition of Robbie Ray to this rotation. Cy Young Winner at the top and then other solid young arms in the rotation and a potent lineup and a respectable bullpen. The 90 wins last season were not a fluke and the Mariners will again be a team to watch this season as they could challenge Astros for the top spot.  

Texas Rangers – This team will battle with Oakland in trying to avoid the basement in this division this season. At least they do look improved as the addition of Jon Gray to the rotation certainly helped too. Look for a 90-loss season rather than the 102-loss season suffered last year. Just still not enough in the lineup. Top-heavy lineup but also too many strikeouts usually and the pitching is decent with this team but not great and the lineup not strong enough to carry the team for sure. 

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