Is Mahomes a Hall of Famer Right Now?

by ASA, Inc.

Patrick Mahomes: Youngest Hall of Famer Ever?

 With a win this coming Sunday, Patrick Mahomes will vault himself into elite company with two Super Bowl wins. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning and Big Ben are the only recent QBs to have two or more SB wins. Mahomes has arguably put together three of the best years by a quarterback in NFL history. He recently passed Aaron Rodgers for the all-time lead in passer rating as well as TD/INT ratio. He simply needed to accumulate enough pass attempts to finally qualify this season.  

If Mahomes won the Super Bowl and then for some reason walked away from the game after this season, would he have had a Hall of Fame career? He already holds numerous records for efficiency along with having a league MVP. The stats are terrific but the eye test would make it even more obvious for anyone on the fence. Mahomes has made some of the most ridiculous throws in the history of the NFL. On the move, fading away, throwing across his body, and into tight coverage is something the Chiefs quarterback has made his living doing. The only comparable players to him are Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers (Maybe Josh Allen). Favre was a true gunslinger and ended with 336 INTs in his career and Mahomes has proven more efficient than Rodgers so far in his career. If Mahomes walked away after this season (hypothetically) he would already have one of the craziest highlight tapes ever. No offense to the GOAT but very few people have probably said “Throw on some Tom Brady highlights.”

The one argument against Mahomes is that he has had elite weapons in all three of his seasons so far. Having offensive genius Andy Reid doesn’t hurt either. Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce have been fantastic and deserve credit, but maybe Mahomes has just made them look good. The Chiefs have made the most of having a great QB on a rookie contract, but will surely have to sacrifice some key pieces moving forward since Mahomes is due half a billion dollars over the next 10 seasons. Either way, Mahomes has set the stage to be a Hall of Famer whenever he retires, even if it is after a Super Bowl win this season. 

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