Get Your Spikes Out and Head Into The Dugout

by Vegas Writer

Sunday, Feb 26, 2023
The boys of summer have made it to training cap, and I couldn't be any more excited for the baseball season?

From a betting standpoint, always remember it's rare you can invest in a season-long season, go 50-50 - or slightly worse for that matter - and make money. With value underdogs going daily, and age-old, fool-proof systems that produce said plus prices, I’m always excited for the six-month grind.

The baseball season can be a long one, so I always suggest putting aside a bankroll for the entire campaign, and settling in with a long-term package for what can be a roller coaster ride. There isn't much in the way of a break other than the days in July for the All-Star Break. The season gets underway next month, and ends more than a month into the NFL season - and two months into College Football - with the World Series. And believe me, when late August rolls around, it becomes a battle between your mind and determination to make money.

Whether you're a recreational bettor or serious investor, there is no time to think with no days off if you're going to invest in baseball.

So you're prepared, my routine begins the afternoon before once the pitching matchup is listed. I immediately start making lines, and then compare to the overnights that start to trickle in. Remember that there is value in every single game, it’s a matter of finding it and applying it accordingly. Whether it's first-five sides or totals, or full-game sides and totals.

And this is one of those sports certain trends are important to look at, others should be ignored. The aforementioned systems that are classic can apply to specific trends you have no choice by to apply. As the campaign approaches, I will explain further, especially in my analysis.

Remember, winning and losing streaks, how a pitcher does against certain teams, and how teams do on the road across different time zones all should have something to do with your success. Weather can be a factor. Whether it’s still cold in Chicago and New York, blistering hot in Phoenix, or sticky humid in certain cities.

The biggest thing to remember, if you want to win money in baseball, is you have to stick to your handicapping morals, and that takes discipline. There will be times you're asked to take a $2 underdog, and the consistency in following patterns you started betting in late March will always play in your favor with the law of averages working out. It doesn't matter the price or the dynamics of a game or pitching matchup. You follow your system, you follow your discipline, you follow your trend, you stick to your process.

Proper money management begins with investing a percentage of the bankroll you start with, and increasing your wagers as your bankroll increases. That is important. You cannot go bust two months into the season because you overextended yourself while you're still growing a season-long bankroll.

If you start with a $5,000 bankroll and bet one percent of it, you’re moving $50 per game. As the bankroll increases or decreases, so will your one-percent, per-game investment. You don’t change because you like a specific game more than the other. Those types of investments should come from an outside source of income - not your season-long investment.

Get your spikes out and head into the dugout. It’s almost time to make money with the most profitable sport, and as we get closer, I'll spotlight sleepers and future wagers.

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