College Football: 3 Winless ATS Teams- Should You Buy Low?

by Kyle Hunter

Monday, Sep 26, 2022
We’re already to week five in the college football season. Time flies when you are having a good time. College football is a fan favorite for a reason. We’ve had yet another early season full of upsets and all kinds of craziness. 

In general, a good idea is to try to buy low and sell high. That is good stock market advice and college football betting advice as well. You want to try to find teams who have been burning money and buy in on them if there is a good reason to expect better results going forward. Let’s take a look at three winless teams ATS so far this year. Are they teams I’d be interested in backing going forward at all? They need to be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

Georgia State Panthers (0-4 ATS This Season) 

Georgia State had a season win total of 7.5 before the season. There have been a lot of sharp bettors looking to bet on this team so far this year, but it hasn’t worked out. Georgia State’s defense has let them down. The Panthers have allowed at least 35 points in all four of their contests. 

I think this is a well-coached team and they have played a relatively tough schedule, especially for a Sun Belt program. I don’t have much interest in backing them against the triple option attack of Army this weekend, but going forward there should be some chances. The schedule lightens up later in the season for the Panthers, and virtually no one is going to want to bet them based on how they have been burning money. I think there will be some solid contrarian spots to bet on this team.

Auburn Tigers (0-4 ATS This Season) 

Bryan Harsin was reportedly going to be fired if the Missouri Tigers beat Auburn this past Saturday. Auburn tried to give them the game, but Missouri refused to take it. That was one the craziest finishes in college football this year. Missouri missed a very short game winning field goal in regulation and then fumbled the ball right before the goal line when they would have won the game in overtime. 

Harsin is still in a really bad spot, and this Auburn team lacks a real identity at this point. I see no reason to try to be looking for a time to buy low on this squad. There will have to be some major changes here before I’m interested in backing them. 

Utah State Aggies (0-4 ATS This Season)

Utah State had an amazing run last season. The Aggies won the Mountain West Conference in stunning fashion in 2021. They entered the season last year with a win total of 3 or 3.5. They are now 1-3 overall and 0-4 ATS this season. Their lone win is over lowly UConn. They also lost at home 35-7 to Weber State. 

Logan Bonner threw 36 touchdowns and 12 interceptions last season. So far this year, Bonner has 6 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. Bonner threw a whopping 5 interceptions in Utah State’s home loss to UNLV last week. That was a game where Utah State actually won the box score, but finished a ridiculous -6 in turnover margin.
Blake Anderson is a really good coach, and I do think Utah State will continue to fight the rest of the season. This is a team I will look for spots to bet on later in the year. 

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