Brasileiro Série A Futures 2023

by Amedeus Mastrangelo

Friday, Apr 28, 2023
European leagues are beginning to wind down now as we are in the final stretch of the season in Europe but South America is just kicking off their next season for the year and it is time to discuss possible futures on who will be lifting the Brasileiro Série A Title this season. Palmeiras are the reigning champions of the league from last season and are already the big favorites to win it all again, but let’s see if there are any other contenders that can give the reigning champs a run for their money this year.

To Win Outright

Palmeiras +175: Palmeiras is coming into the season as the favorites to win the title once again as they are the champions from last season. They won the league by 9 points as they had a huge lead by the 2nd half of the season and that is including the fact that they had to juggle Copa Libertadores matches as well, a competition they went very deep in. They will have Copa Libertadores to focus on once again but it might be a competition they are more focused on this year as they have won it 2 of the last 3 years and are coming off of a season where they did not even make the finals. Considering that they won the league title last year, they will likely be more focused on winning Copa Libertadores which could affect their league matches negatively later in the season, but this is also the best team in South America when it comes to talent right now and they have the depth to make a deep run in both competitions. Palmeiras is the team to beat right now, not only in Brasil but in all of South America so it would not be shocking at all to see them win the title and the Copa Libertadores trophy. There is not a lot of value here at +175 but it is still a very good bet as this is the best team in all of South America.

Flamengo +275: Flamengo is coming into this season as the next favorite on the board to win the league title and they had a very good season last year in the league while also going on to win Copa Libertadores. They managed to pull out the Copa Libertadores win last season but they were not playing well in the league near the end of the season and this form has carried over as they have not been playing well over the last few months in their state leagues. They also looked awful in the Club World Cup matches they played in as this is a team that has been on the decline for a few months going back to the end of the last calendar year. Flamengo still has a lot of talent on their team and they are going to be one of the better teams in Brasil this year, but they simply do not have the depth and talent to win this league while also focusing on defending their Copa Libertadores Title. Flamengo will continue to drop points in silly spots and their recent form coming into the season will also have a lasting impact on where they end up in the table near the end of the season. This is simply not Flamengo’s year as they need to replenish some of their older talent and there is no real value on them to win the league title at this price. 

Fluminense +450: Fluminense is coming into the season as the next favorite on the board here and they are a club that has been improving a lot over the last year. They improved their team a lot last season which allowed them to go on a big run which saw themselves finishing in 3rd place in the table. They also have a very strong home advantage as they rarely drop points on their own pitch and that will go a long way in this league the way they are taking advantage of their home matches. They had the 4th best home record in the league last year as they were averaging around 1 goal allowed per match there and scoring over 2 goals per match, but they also had the 2nd best away record and they are going to be a real force this season. Fluminense has been building a very good team and things are finally all in place for this club to go on some big unbeaten runs this year and be one of the more dominant teams in the league. Fluminense was making a lot of waves at the end of the season last year as they went on a big run to put themselves in 3rd place, but this is going to be their year where they are a real contender to win this title and compete with the best in Brasil all season. There is a lot of value in this Fluminense side to win the title this season as they are one of the best teams in Brasil coming into the season. 

Atlético Mineiro +900: Atlético Mineiro is coming into this season as the next biggest favorite to win the league title but there is quite a big drop off between them and the next team favored to win it all. Atlético Mineiro won the league title just 2 years ago back in 2021, but this team has fallen a long way from where they were 2 years ago. They took a big dive last season, just 1 year after winning the league title, as they finished in 7th place in the league and even fizzled out of Copa Libertadores very early in the competition. They are a club that has been on the decline for a while now as they still look to replenish their aging talent and they are going to have a very difficult time this year with their depth trying to balance both league matches and Copa Libertadores matches. Atlético Mineiro may be the 4th favorite on the list to win this title but the reality is that they have no real shot at even finishing in the top 4 of the league this year. This is a club that is going to continue declining until they make some serious moves for better players and it is going to show in their league performance this season. There is no value at all in Atlético Mineiro to win the league title this year. 

Internacional +2000: Internacional is coming into the season as the next favorite on the board to win the league title this year and they are coming off of a very good season where they came out of nowhere to finish in 2nd place. This is a team with a lot of talent and they really take advantage of their home matches which is very important in this league. They had the best home record in Brasil last year and they are going to be a real title threat here if they continue to take advantage of those home matches. They are also going to be in Copa Libertadores which is a competition they have not performed well in recently, but that could also work to their advantage here as it did last season since they were a much better team in the league near the end of the year when they only had league matches to focus on. An early Copa Libertadores exit would actually help this team’s chances at winning the title and it is very possible that they become a new threat in the league this year after the season they had last year. Internacional is not the best team in this league but they are definitely one of the better teams and if things fall the right way for them along with continuing their home dominance in matches, they will be a top 4 team once again by the end of the season. Internacional does have some value at this price to win the league as a dark horse.

Corinthians +2500: Corinthians is coming into the season as the next team on this list to win the title but this is a very underwhelming club that has not performed up to their expectations year after year recently. They have been a top 5 team in the league over the last few years but they never seem to climb higher than 4th place in the table, where they finished last season, and they do not have the talent on their side to compete with the best teams in Brasil. Defensively, this is a very good team that does not allow many goals and will definitely make teams work hard for the win, but their attack is also abysmal as they do not score a lot of goals in their matches and that is a huge problem in a league that has some very strong attacking teams. They usually struggle to come back in games if their defense lets them down by allowing a goal and that is not the recipe to winning in this league as you need a much more balanced team that can defend well but also scores goals. Corinthians is no threat at all to win this league title and they will be lucky to even finish in the top 4 this year with some of the other teams in this league this year. There is no value in Corinthians to win the title. 

Athletico Paranaense +2800: Athletico PR is not the next team on the list to win the title as they are a little more down but they deserve an honorable mention here as they do have a very good team. They finished in 6th place in the table last season and have been improving a lot as a team over the last year. They finished 6th place in the league but also made a very deep run in Copa Libertadores as they went all the way to the finals where they lost to Flamengo. Athletico PR does not really have the talent to sustain a good enough season that will win them the title but they are definitely one of the better teams in Brasil this year and could easily see themselves in the top 4 by the end of the season. There is not a lot of value in this team winning the league title as it is very unlikely they have a chance, but there is a lot of value in them finishing top 4 at +400 so they are getting an honorable mention here.


There are a lot of good teams in Brasil this year that will be fighting for the Brasil Série A Title but only a few have a real shot at winning this league title as it is a very long season with plenty of other competitions sprinkled in so only the truly good and balanced teams can make a deep run. A few of the good teams in Brasil will still be good this year but are on the decline and it is best to avoid those clubs while sticking with the more consistent teams. Palmeiras at +175 and Fluminense at +450 have the best value for teams to win the title as these are the 2 strongest teams in Brasil this year overall and each of these sides can go on long sustained unbeaten runs but also have the depth to play many matches in multiple competitions. Internacional at +2000 also has some value in it as they finished 2nd place and have the potential to end up very high in the table if things break their way all year. The teams with the best value here to win the Brasil Série A Title this year are Palmeiras at +175, Fluminense at +450, and Internacional at +2000 as a dark horse. 

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