2022 NHL Stretch Run Home/Road Values: Western Conference

by Scott Rickenbach

Wednesday, Mar 02, 2022
2022 NHL Stretch Run Home/Road Values: Western Conference

Entering March 2nd action, the NHL is about 2/3 of the way through the season and this final upcoming 2 month stretch of regular season action encompasses the final 1/3 of the schedule and is the stretch run for the playoffs. This far into the season some strong home/road patterns have emerged so below I am taking at look at where to keep an eye out for value with FIVE Western Conference teams the rest of the season:

Central Division:

MINNESOTA – Of course a team at the top of the division like Colorado is strong everywhere and has a dominant home record. However, just a little further down in the standings you have a team like Minnesota that has won 16 of 22 home games but has lost about half its road games! The Wild are a team to keep an eye on fading on the road but backing at home when the pricing is right because of their strong home/road dichotomy.  

DALLAS – The Stars are another team, like Minny, that has a respectable overall record yet has shown a strong variance in hosting versus visiting. On home ice Dallas has won 19 of 27 games yet on the road they have won only 40% - 10 of 25 games – on the season!  

WINNIPEG – The Jets are decent, yet unspectacular team on home ice with a 14-10-1 record. However, when away from Winnipeg, the Jets have been scary bad with just 10 wins in 29 games!  

Pacific Division:

VEGAS – The talk about the Golden Knights use to be about protecting the “fortress” here at home (Vegas my home too) and how hard it was for teams to win here. That is no longer the case though as Vegas has won only half its games as a host this season! However, the Knights are a fantastic 15-8-1 on enemy ice so keep this in mind going forward for this stretch run of the season.  

LOS ANGELES – The Kings are right behind the Flames at the top of the division but, unlike Calgary, Los Angeles has struggled to win at home just like Vegas has. LA has won only half its home games on the season! One thing to keep an eye on though is that this Kings team is 15-6-5 on enemy ice. Note that having only 6 regulation losses on the road this season puts Los Angeles as the only team in the Western Conference (Penguins the only other team in the entire league) with just 6 regulation losses on enemy ice this season. If the Kings can avoid those dreaded SO or OT losses on the road look out! They have played well away from home! 

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