2022 NHL Stretch Run Home/Road Values: Eastern Conference

by Scott Rickenbach

Wednesday, Mar 02, 2022
2022 NHL Stretch Run Home/Road Values: Eastern Conference

Entering March 2nd action, the NHL is about 2/3 of the way through the season and this final upcoming 2 month stretch of regular season action encompasses the final 1/3 of the schedule and is the stretch run for the playoffs. This far into the season some strong home/road patterns have emerged so below I am taking at look at where to keep an eye out for value with FIVE Eastern Conference teams the rest of the season:

Atlantic Division:

TAMPA BAY – The Lightning are a strong team and 2-time defending Stanley Cup Champs so of course it makes sense they have a great home record but usually they are priced out of a lot of home games. However, did you realize Tampa Bay has won an incredible 17 of 26 road games this season? Value potential on the road!

FLORIDA – When you can get a manageable price keep an eye out for the Panthers at home but also considering fading them on the road in the right situations. Florida is a fantastic 23-6 at home but is only a .500 team when on enemy ice!

MONTREAL – Like Buffalo, the Canadiens are overall a bad team struggling both home and away. But, unlike the Sabres, the Habs have actually been noteworthy in just how unbelievably bad they have been as travelers this season. Montreal has won just 5 of 28 road games on the season!

Metropolitan Division:

PITTSBURGH – Just behind Carolina in the standings and, unlike the Hurricanes (good everywhere) there is something noteworthy about the Penguins this season for sure. Pittsburgh has lost nearly half its home games this season but the Pens have been fantastic on the road with wins in 18 of 27 games!

WASHINGTON – This is another team with a surprising discrepancy as the Capitals have lost 16 of 28 home games but have won 16 of 27 road games this season and this type of knowledge can work in your favor because home ice is often “baked” into the lines and sometimes this leads to value in going against the “baked in” price.

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