Amedeus Mastrangelo - Costa Rica vs Spain


Amedeus Mastrangelo
Costa Rica vs Spain
11/23/2022 11:00 AM
Bet Type
Over / Under
Costa Rica vs Spain Under 3 (-125) (BetMGM)
Spain is coming into this match playing in good form in their recent matches but they are not a team that scores a lot of goals in their matches as their attack is not very strong. When playing in meaningful competition, Spain has not scored more than 2 goals themselves in a match in their last 11 straight. They have scored even less goals in their matches where they were not on home soil and their attack has really struggled to create scoring chances for themselves. Spain does have a very good defense though and against a weak attacking team like this, they will not allow a goal in this match and will not try to score a lot either. Spain has a very young team this year, there is a lot of talent there but they are still very young and developing talent that does not make them a deep threat in this tournament. They are going up against a Costa Rica side that does not score a lot of goals in their matches either and plays a very defensive style as well. Costa Rica has a very weak attack and they are going to struggle to score on this good Spain defense. Spain will keep them from scoring on their defense but Costa Rica will also be playing a very defensive style here as their only chance to get a point from this match is to hold on defensively and not allow Spain to score on them. They will be gripping to this match defensively for the entire 90 mins but they have a chance to hold Spain off here since their attack struggles to create their own scoring chances. If Spain wins this match, it will be with a very good defensive effort and they will not score a lot of goals in their win either. This is going to be a low scoring and defensive match that stays under 3 goals.

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