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NBA Playoff Blowout Bounce Back

   by Tom Stryker - 04/25/2006

It's NBA Playoff time and for many sports investors the "zig-zag" theory goes into effect. Don't get me wrong. I'm not knocking this technical approach. In some situations, opening up your wallet for a team coming off a straight up loss can be a profitable venture. That's because blemishes in the post season carry much more weight considering each series is a best-of-seven. The key to being successful using the "zig'zag" approach is knowing when to pounce on a team coming off a loss and when to leave them alone.

I've broken down each round and each specific game of the NBA Playoffs and I've discovered one sure-fire way to make money using the "zig-zag" theory. It's simple and you won't believe your eyes after you read this.

Since 1990, NBA playoff teams coming off a playoff loss of 20 points or more are a profitable 73-47 ATS for 60.8 percent!

Easy enough? I think so! If you would have invested $1,000 on every playoff team coming off a blowout playoff loss of 20 points or more since '90, you would have made $21,300 in net profit after the vig to this point! That's not monopoly money folks those are real dead presidents!

As you know, every system has areas within it that make it even more powerful. The same holds true with this Blowout Bounce Back angle of mine. Here's how I made it even more profitable:

If our "play on" blowout side is priced as a road underdog of +3.5 or more and both teams are rested, this awesome technical situation improves to a blistering 38-18 ATS for 67.8 percent! The simple face that we are investing on a road team in this set allows us to retain good value with the pointspread. If our "play on" side was at home off that blowout loss, there's a good chance that the linemaker would inflate the number because of the location.

Believe it or not, in round one of the NBA Playoffs, this system is really active. Dating back to 1990, round one team's in this set are a tremendous 25-10 ATS! That means this technical situation is only 13-8 ATS from the second round through the NBA Finals.

No team likes to get blown out especially in crunch time during the NBA Playoffs. This year, there will be plenty of opportunities to make some good money using this awesome system. Make sure you take advantage of these plays when they pop!

I'll be back next weekend with another technical look at the NBA Playoffs. Thank you and best of luck, Tom Stryker.

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