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100% College Football Angle

   by Tom Stryker - 10/12/2005

If you’re a chalk eater, you’re going to love this College System of the Week. Sometimes, it feels good to take a big bite out of a piece of wood and lay a little lumber. When you invest your hard earned dollars on a big favorite, you usually have the better team on both sides of the ball. There’s nothing wrong with that is there? To be perfectly honest with you, the times I feel most comfortable going to the windows in Las Vegas are those when I lay higher numbers. At least I know I’ve got the better team. Instead of worrying about winning the game my concerns shift to don’t turn the football over, don’t settle for field goals in the redzone and don’t let up off the gas when you get a big lead! In some situations, chalk plays can result in some of the easiest wins of your life!

Since 1980, game seven or later home favorites of -10 or more are a tremendous 48-26 ATS for 64.8 percent provided they check in off back-to-back ATS road losses. After failing to cash a ticket as a guest for two straight weeks, the novice investor doesn’t want anything to do with this home team laying doubles! As you can plainly see, laying the lumber is exactly what is required if you want to win!

There are a couple of ways to tighten up this technical situation to really make it pop. First, if our “Big Engineâ€쳌 is matched up against an opponent that enters off a straight up loss or a win of six points or less, this system improves to a respectable 39-18 ATS for 68.4 percent. Even better, with that tightener applied and our host coming off a road game in which they were a favorite or an underdog of +3 or less, this powerful system explodes to a sensational 27-9 ATS for 75.0 percent!AIR FORCE!

If you love “perfect system playsâ€쳌, then make sure you keep this last tightener that makes this one 100 percent! With those three parameters applied and our home team on a field where they have won 23 or less of their last 28 as a host and currently battling a foe that owns a won/loss percentage greater than .200, this “Big Engineâ€쳌 system skyrockets to a beautiful 13-0 ATS! All we’ve done in this tightener is eliminated really strong home fields and ridiculously weak opponents. And yes, in case you are wondering, the Falcons do apply to this perfect system!

Good luck with Air Force on Saturday and be sure to check back next week for another powerful winning system. Thanks! Tom Stryker.

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