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NFL Power Rankings Week 14

   by Hollywood Sports - 12/04/2014

1. Green Bay Packers (9-3): Their showdown win over the Patriots earns them the top spot until further notice. But that game was in Lambeau Field where Aaron Rodgers has now thrown 20 touchdown passes without an interception this season.
2. New England Patriots (9-3): Maybe things turn out differently if they get a rematch against the Packers on a neutral field. Like in Arizona. They own the tie-breaker against the Broncos.
3. Denver Broncos (9-3): Their win in Kansas City on Sunday was their eleventh straight on the road against a divisional rival. What a revelation C.J. Anderson has been at running back for a team accused of passing the ball too much just a few weeks ago.
4. Philadelphia Eagles (9-3): Dominant win on the road in Dallas on Thanksgiving. When Mark Sanchez is running the Chip Kelly offense as well as he did in that game, this team is tough. But can he consistently do this week in and week out?
5. Seattle Seahawks (8-4): Dominant win over the 49ers on Thanksgiving. There defense looks back in a big way. Or is it just the inept San Fran offense?
6. Indianapolis Colts (8-4): Andrew Luck makes this team dangerous against anyone. The defense is playing better.
7. Arizona Cardinals (9-3): The point spread calling for the Cardinals laying less than a field goal in Atlanta looked like a trap at first glance. Yep (although Atlanta is getting healthy again). The Drew Stanton questions loom larger. And they must have a healthy Andre Ellington at running back.
8. Dallas Cowboys (8-4): Their inability to wield much of a home field advantage is troubling. And their defense is not nearly as formidable if they are not running the ball with a lead.
9. Detroit Lions (8-4): Detroit heads the list of this next group although they seem farther away from the top eight. Is the offense finding its mojo again -- or were they just the next recipients of the terrible Bears' defense?
10. Cincinnati Bengals (8-3-1): Another ugly win. But its hard to sneeze at only three losses.
11. San Diego Chargers (8-4): Impressive win on the road in Baltimore for yet another wildly inconsistent team. Is their mid-season slide over?
12. Kansas City (7-5): They need to play better at home in big games like they had hosting Denver. The Chiefs have now lost eight of their last nine home games against divisional rivals.
13. Baltimore Ravens (7-5): Blew a 10-point lead in the 4th quarter. Fourteen penalties are inexcusable. Philip Rivers chewed up their secondary. Yet perhaps that loss says more about the Chargers finding themselves then about the Ravens -- especially when compared to those below them on this list.
14. San Francisco 49ers (7-5): Colin Kaepernick is regressing. He looks lost and simply incapable of checking off his first wide receiving option.
15. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5): How do you let a Saints' team beat you on your home field after they lost three straight games in the Superdome?
16. Miami Dolphins (7-5): Winning road divisional games on Monday Night Football is accomplishment enough. They rank lower than these other 7-5 teams because their ceiling seems lower.
17. Buffalo Bills (7-5): Great defense. Now, about that offense … but still a gutty win against the Browns.
18. St. Louis Rams (5-7): 52-0 over anybody in impressive. No one wants to play this team.
19. Houston Texans (6-6): 24-point wins where you score 45 points is pretty impressive too. Who was that Ryan Fitzpatrick guy at quarterback? Six touchdown passes!
20. Cleveland Browns (7-5): Hoyer is regressing as his body of work on tape gets larger and larger. It is hard seeing this team win late in the year if they go to an untested rookie quarterback with only two years of college experience.
21. Atlanta Falcons (5-7): Vegas seemed to know something that the Falcons later validated on the field. Julio Jones looked great, the offensive line is playing better and William Moore's return at safety brings back the Heart and Soul of this defensive unit (for what that is worth).
22: New Orleans Saints (5-7): Completely befuddled as to how this team bounces-back from three straight losses in the Superdome to win at Pittsburgh.
23. Chicago Bears (5-7): They rank above the other teams only because their offense seems like it can still be dangerous … occasionally.
24. Minnesota Vikings (4-7): Two blocked punt returns for a touchdown fuel a blowout win over a lost Panthers team. First-year head coach Mike Zimmer continues to see his team play hard every week.
25. Washington Redskins (3-9): Colt McCoy is certainly not the problem after passing for 392 yards while leading the Skins to their most points since Week Three.
26. New York Giants (3-9): Blowing three-touchdown leads to the Jaguars …
27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-10): Another team still playing hard under a first-year head coach in Lovie Smith. This team just finds ways to lose.
28. Carolina Panthers (3-8-1): Six straight losses for a team that remains in contention in the NFC South. Cam Newton and head coach Ron Rivera are on the hot seat.
29. New York Jets (2-10): Their upside remains highest amongst all double-digit loss teams. But they can be as bad as anyone as well -- that Monday night loss in Detroit to the Bills may be the worst effort in the NFL all season.
30. Tennessee Titans (2-10): I am giving this team the benefit of the doubt under first-year head coach Ken Whisenhunt -- only when compared to the bottom two teams. With the season-ending injury to Zack Mettenberger, it is the Return of Jake Locker.
31. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10): Nice perseverance to rally from 21-0 down to beat a Giants team that did not seem to care. The team plays hard for Gus Bradley. Pass rush is coming on. That's about it.
32. Oakland Raiders (1-11): 52-0 loss ...

Best of luck for us -- Frank.

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