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The Joy of Betting the Canadian Football League

   by Hollywood Sports - 07/06/2011

I have to admit that I always look forward to the new season of the Canadian Football League. With the start of the new football season, I am openly declaring my feelings for the CFL with 11 eleven things that I love about that game.

1. Its football in July. Need I say more?

2. Its fast and fun to watch. Three downs places instills a sense of urgency on the offense even on first down. The wide receivers are allowed a running start. Its heavily dependent on the pass. The game moves fast.

3. Its very winnable from a betting perspective. There are only eight teams in the league. That is less than one major college football conference. It just does not take much effort to become familiar with the dynamics of the league.

4. Recognizable names. The CFL is littered with former stars from the college football. Last year's leading passer was Darian Durant of Saskatchewan. You may remember his tossing passes for North Carolina a few years ago. His Roughriders lost for the second season in a row to Montreal in the Grey Cuy. The Alouettes are led by QB Anthony Calvillo who enjoyed a fantastic senior season at Utah State many moons ago. The leading rusher last season was Winnipeg's Fred Reid who was a product of Mississippi State and the SEC. I could go on and on.

5. Televised games. The NFL Network usually televises the Friday or Saturday night game. This point should not be underestimated.

6. The CFL schedules there games at nice times for bettors. Looking for a bailout game Sunday night? The CFL usually has a game. Their Friday night game has a similar type of appeal (and prestige) as does Monday Night Football for the NFL.

7. The CFL teaches and reaffirms basic handicapping principles. Football is football. Teams have off-weeks letdowns, they have overachieving efforts based on emotion, they bounce-back from setbacks, etc. etc. Seeing these familiar tendencies play out in a different league helps teach or reaffirm sound handicapping fundamentals that can be applied to all other sports.

8. The trials and tribulations of summer and winter. There is something endearing about a football league that begins in the blazing summer heat of July but concludes in the bitter cold of the Canadian winter. Some teams are built for a certain climate but struggle at other times of the season. Watching this drama unfold is interesting and can be quite profitable.

9. The CFL scoring system. I still don't get all the nuance. But I like it when I can say that a team is winning by a 1-0 score.

10. Impressing your friends with your obscure knowledge of the CFL. In certain circles, sub-out impressing for scaring.

11. Football in August … and with the NFL Exhibition season in serious doubt, this may be the most compelling reason why I love the CFL.

The bottom line: the Canadian Football League is very beatable and can provide some very nice investment opportunities. And it happens to provide some much needed football fun in the dog days of summer. Best of luck for us -- Frank.

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