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Should Tiger Woods Tell the Truth?

   by Ben Burns - 12/01/2009

The old moose left a bunch of us feeling like turkeys on Thanksgiving weekend.

There was Colorado, a 10-point underdog, hitting a 54-yard touchdown pass on the final play to cover in a 28-20 loss to Nebraska.

The Vikings botched an extra point on their final touchdown that directly impacted the 47-point total in a 36-10 win over the Bears.

In the Saints’ 38-17 Monday night win over New England, over 57 backers were crushed by two missed field goals and the Patriots choice to surrender down 21 with 5:56 to play. After New Orleans kicker John Carney ducked one out to the right from 37 yards, Bill Belichick pulled his starters and ran the football.

Down three scores with six minutes to go, isn’t that a little early to wave the white flag?

Those were bad, and only a sampling of a weekend full of Moose. But no one suffered a worse beat down than Tiger Woods.

First of all, props to Tiger for even making it out of the house, with his wife firing choke-down three irons at him and/or his Escalade … allegedly.

Escaping this media storm will be equally as tough.

The tale of his Woods’ inaccurate driving is getting taller on a blog-by-blog basis.

Some say his wife, the red-hot Elin Nordegren, is more responsible for Tiger’s wounds than his crash into a fire hydrant and tree. Some have said Tiger’s hooking up with a B-list New York socialite. But, right now, there are a lot more questions than answers.

Why bash in the back window to get Tiger out if the doors were functioning? How did Tiger get knocked unconscious by an accident that didn’t even cause the air bags to deploy?

The rumors and questions will continue, as long as Tiger keeps his trap shut about the incident.

It affected the betting world, which saw the majority of books remove any future odds on Tiger shortly after the accident. You can still find it up at some books.

On Wednesday, Bodog.com had him at +225 to win the 2010 Masters and +200 to win the U.S. Open. At the Irish sportsbook Paddy Power, Woods is -225 to win at least one major in 2010 and +160 not to win any.

But is Tiger a good bet or a very bad one right now?

This story isn’t going away and, even if he tells all, it will follow him throughout next year. It’s a major distraction to say the least.

Back when Tiger was a swinging bachelor, Jack Nicklaus questioned how he’d handle things once a wife and family entered the picture.

Before 2:30 a.m. on Friday, Tiger seemed to be handling married life in the spotlight just fine. Not anymore.

Alex Rodriguez and David Letterman are just two recent examples of athletes and celebrities that admitted to scandals in front of the entire nation. They survived the media storm by telling the truth.

But, if the truth included possibly getting your significant other arrested, would you do it? What about if she had hit you with a 3-iron … allegedly?

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