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BCS Mess

   by Matt Fargo - 01/04/2009

You can go on the internet and find countless articles on how the BCS has ruined college football or how it is the greatest thing that college football has ever seen. Adding another one to mix might be worthless but I feel I need to add my two cents into discussion.

I am not a fan of the USC Trojans and I am certainly not a fan of Pete Carroll. I think I dislike USC because it is so good year in and year out, Carroll acts smug all the time and the fans suck. Carroll along with his players are going on and on about how they got the short end of the stick and how if matched up against the Gators or Sooners, “they would crush Florida and Oklahomaâ€쳌, as one player put it. Conceited maybe? Confident? It is probably a little of both.

I do not agree or disagree with that statement but I do believe that the Trojans’ resume in past seasons does give them a reason to gripe. This team has dominated over the last seven seasons and has two National Championships to their credit. USC never should have lost to Oregon St., who did finish a solid 9-4. But at the same time, Florida never should have lost to Mississippi and Oklahoma never should have lost to Texas. The Trojans have one loss. Whoever wins the BCS Championship will have one loss. How is that fair? BS.

I had a play on Utah against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. I know the Utes would play tough and while I gave them a slim chance to win outright, it was a longshot. Well, the Utes proved a lot of people wrong and absolutely crushed the Tide. Utah’s reward is a Sugar Bowl trophy and its second undefeated season in the past five years and that is it. Either Alabama was exposed or Utah really is that good. I go with the latter. BS.

Utah’s win on Friday over Alabama makes it three times that a team from either the MWC or the WAC has finished the year undefeated after defeating a BCS team in a BCS Bowl. The Utes did it 2005 against Pittsburgh while Boise St. did it two years ago against Oklahoma. Hawaii fell to Georgia last season but my simple match calculation makes it Small Guys 3-Big Guys 1.Three small trophies but not even a chance at the big one. BS.

How about the aforementioned Longhorns? They defeated Oklahoma yet they failed to make it to the BCS Championship because the Big XII tiebreaker went to the Sooners for having a higher BCS ranking. Texas proved it can with the big game as it took out USC in 2005. The Longhorns still have an outside shot at an AP National Championship if it throttles Ohio St. and Florida squeaks by Oklahoma in an ugly game. Nonetheless, Texas does not get a chance to get it done on the field against the best. BS.

The Big Ten stinks. The conference is 1-5 through its first six bowl games with Iowa being the lone winner and only Ohio St. is left. Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is the biggest obstacle to a playoff system as he is widely considered the most powerful figure in college sports. Sorry Michael Slive. Delany said that a system would hurt the bowls. I think his real reason is that if there was a playoff, his Big Ten school Ohio St. would not have been in the BCS Championship the last two years to get blown out. BS.

Utah quarterback Brian Johnson asked after the victory on Friday, “What else do we have to prove?â€쳌 In my opinion as is the opinions of many the answer is not a thing.

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