How to Choose the Best Online Sportsbook

By Al McMordie

Choose your sportsbook based on what you value the most

Al McMordie’s played with 60+ sportsbooks dating back to Bowman International in 1993

Our rankings are based on trustworthiness, sign-up bonuses, odds, ease of deposits and withdrawals, betting options, customer service, and user interface

I’ve gambled at offshore sportsbooks since the days of Bowman International in the early 1990s. Bowman’s was initially based in Manchester, England. And one of the things I loved about Bowman’s was having Joanne — with her sexy English accent — give me my account balance, and read me the lines. Some of my other favorite sportsbooks in that era were Billy Scott’s WWTS and Marvin Michaelson’s Island Superbook (before Marvin cut me off for winning too much). Since that time, I’ve had accounts at over 60 online sportsbooks, so I fully understand what makes a sportsbook great.

I often say that choosing a sportsbook is like choosing an Italian restaurant. Do you go to the one with the best pizza, if that’s what you’re in the mood for? Or do you eat at the place with the best food across-the-board? Maybe it’s your birthday, so you want to go to a white tablecloth restaurant with fine wines. Or perhaps you’re taking the kids out to eat after a baseball game, so you choose a setting more appropriate for youngsters.

It’s a similar analysis when you select a sportsbook. Every bettor will have different priorities. Some may want the biggest sign-up bonus, so they have the most money in their account to start. Others will value reduced juice, so they can save half the vig on every losing bet. Some may be keen to bet parlays or teasers, so they’ll choose the sportsbook with the best odds for those types of wagers. And if one is a high roller, then the most important factor might be a sportsbook’s wagering limits. Our annual Top 10 rankings take into consideration all the things most highly-valued by sports bettors. And we also give awards to sportsbooks for being the BEST in a category (like Best Sign-up Bonus) so you can easily find your next Bet Shop!

Finally, I want to emphasize how essential it is to have accounts at multiple sportsbooks. Even if you’re a recreational gambler, and not a professional, it’s important to have at least three sportsbook accounts so you can shop lines, get the best number, and maximize your profits.

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