Why Are The Dogs Barking Loudly in College Football?

by Wayne Root

Underdogs covered big spreads in the past few week against the Top 25 teams and here’s some reasons to consider. 
With last season Covid disruption among teams and players, many of the unranked teams have benefited with the new rules. 
The top 85 teams on average, have 17 returning starters. That is huge for the lesser teams. Additionally, with the transfer protocol, some starters from top teams have transferred to other teams to get more playing time because of a more abundance of starters returning on their own team. 
This has lead to a huge improvement and impact of some of the poorer teams. This has resulted to more underdogs covering the spread this early in the season until the oddsmakers catch up with fresh ratings. 
These are the games that were affected somewhat by this new phenomena from week 4. 
UNLV + 30 lost by 8 to Fresno
Villanova +30 lost by 21 to Penn St
NC State + 10 won outright, Clemson 
Colo St +24 lost by 10 to Iowa
Rutgers +21 lost by 7 to Michigan 
Arkansas +5 won outright, Texas
Baylor +7 won outright, Iowa St
Georgia St + 28 lost by 10 to Auburn 
Georgia Tech + 14 won outright, N Car
West Vir + 17 lost by 3 to Oklahoma 
So Flor + 24 lost by 8 to BYU
This Upcoming Saturday 
It’s doubtful that this way of handicapping and betting underdogs will change anytime soon. Be sure to check back this Saturday to see how our response will be against the Oddsmakers. 

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