NFC Championship Game: Might Ticket Sales Impact The Vegas Line?

by Wayne Root

The San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams are set to square off on Sunday in the biggest matchup this rivalry has seen in over 30 years. The winner claims the NFC title and heads to Super Bowl 56 while the loser of is off to go golfing. Week 18 had everything on the line. LA opened as a 6.5-point favorite but the line closed at 3.5 points. The line and probably the games momentum, certainly played a very huge role in the outcome of that 49ers overtime win. 
What was built into that line had much todo about the “perceived” home field advantage. The wealthy 49er fan bought up tickets in bundles. By game time, a sea of red jackets, jerseys and hats dominated the inside of Sofi Stadium. San Francisco posted a 27-24 overtime win at Los Angeles to clinch a berth in the 2022 NFL playoffs. Now the ticket war is on for the NFC Championship Game. 
The first thing the Rams ticket office did was set up to only sell tickets to customers that had a Los Angeles zip code. That continued to sparked a war of words. The first words fired came from a players wife on a local Los Angeles radio show. She was begging that anyone that lived in SoCal should NOT sell their tickets to those living in the Bay Area. 
That was the wife of LA quarterback, Matt Stafford. She was pleading that in their Week 18 game, Stafford couldn’t call an audible because of the crowd noise. She said he had to go to a silent count. We’re talking about a home game at SoFi Stadium. The home of the Rams. They totally lost their home field advantage for that all important game. 
This week, the LA Rams are going all out to prevent this from happening again. Why? In the first 51 games of the NFC Championship, the favorites have gone 33-18 straight up. This is expected to be a very close game according to the Vegas Oddsmakers. The opening line saw the Rams as a -4 point favorite. Those sales limited anybody from Northern California from sweeping them up. As of now, the ticket request has opened up for all. The request from the united 49er fans brought the line down to -3.5. 
The purpose of this article is that three (3) points are usually calculated for the home field advantage. It’s up to everyone to decide it this is a correct line and additionally the response from the oddsmakers in lowering the point spread. 
This is the length that a professional handicapper like a Wayne Allyn Root looks into and considers as part of his analysis. Remember, handicapping is not all X’s and O’s. Sometimes one has to go outside of the box when experience goes up against the oddsmakers.

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