MLB Team Batting Average vs. Left-Handed Pitchers

by Wayne Root

We’re often quizzed on why baseball may be the easiest sport to handicap. What are some of the trends to look at? This is the sport that probably has more angles and trends than the other major league sports combined. 
Let’s look at a “must consider” situation when handicapping MLB. This is so important when finding added value which ultimately will increase your win percentages. 
The top eight teams thru May 2022 against left handed pitching are:
Tampa Bay .272
*Kansas City
*Pittsburgh .263
The rest all fall below .263. 
Let’s be somewhat amazed that of these eight teams, only Tampa Bay and Milwaukee are considered playoff teams. Detroit, Colorado, Kansas City and Pittsburgh are almost always mid to large underdogs. If there is exceptional value to extract, betting on these four teams in key spots is necessary. 
Let’s also look at those that can’t hit a lefty. The bottom eight teams this season have some surprises for you:
*Ny Mets .241
*St Louis
Chicago Cubs
Seattle .227
I guarantee you that most fans would have little idea that the Mets, Toronto and St Louis are teams to zero in on and bet against when lefties are on the mound. The range shows that Seattle is almost always (yes there are other factors) a go-against wager. 
Finally, if it’s lefty vs lefty involving Tampa vs Toronto for example, Tampa would have to be a huge play especially if Toronto was the home team. It’s easy to refer to charts on team batting averages when left handed pitchers are involved along with so many more points to look for. 
This is just one bit of information that goes into the thinking and handicapping of a World Champion. This is another example why the best winning streaks are always in betting baseball. And speaking of streaks, we’re on a solid 14-4; 78% winners the past 10 days. That’ll pay some bills. 
For mores winners more often, keep learning thru these articles or let Wayne Root pinch hit for you daily. Either way, we both win!
Good Luck Betting,
Wayne Allyn Root

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