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NFL Top 10, Week 13

   by Wayne Root - 12/12/2012

1) New England---One thing is for sure. There's NO argument which team is the best in the AFC. The Patroits remind me of the beatings younger brothers get when trying to usurp their older brothers and get put down quickly. This is a loss the Texans will not forget any time soon. Now this week the Patriots can concentrate on who the best team is in the entire NFL is as they prepare to play the 49ers.

2) San Francisco---I figured out just how smart Jim Harbaugh is on the quarterback change in mid-season. Last year in the NFC Championship game, the Giants defeated the 49ers at home. Then the 49ers went to play the Giants and again Alex Smith was destroyed in the pocket by that great defensive line of the Giants. At least now, Colin Kaepernick can stay in the pocket...OR RUN! In a way last week, Miami gave Kaepernick trouble but he escaped with a win. The real test run is this week as the 49ers travel to play the AFC's best; New England.

3) Denver---With eight wins in a row, the Broncos may play themselves into the Super Bowl as the greatest storyline in the past 20 years or so. Peyton Manning is incredible. How do you beat a Manning led offense and a Von Miller led defense. Well. the last 8 games no one has. This week the Bronco fans get to see if their Orange and Blue can get win Number 9 in a row as they face a tough test in Baltimore.

4) Green Bay---At one point in the season after a bitter loss at Seattle and a give away loss to the Colts and facing the Texans on the road, the Packers could have packed it in. But not with Aaron Rodgers in charge. They now sit at 9-4 and on top of the NFC-North. Their offensive line is barely hanging in there able to protect their MVP QB. If they can get healthy over the next 2 weeks, they arrive at the Playoffs in great shape.

5) Houston---It may be that the Texans needed that beat down they received last week at the hands of the Patriots. Coming into the season, they were handed reservations for hotels in Miami for this years Super Bowl as on paper, no one could stop them. But what about Denver? What about Indianapolis? And New England? It would be funny if Indianapolis defeated the Texans this week and then won out and sent the Texans down a notch in their division race. This is the week they better be focused because Indianapolis is coming to town with some Luck of their own.

6) New York Giants---Well it's December and the New York Giants are ready to turn on the after JETS in New York. They completely dominated the Saints. Putting up 52 points on the Saints is not news but it shows that the last quarter of the season the Giants are going to do what most expect them to do. We'll really be impressed if they can put the same kind of whipping on the Falcons this week on the road. If I was Atlanta's defensive coach, I might panic hearing Eli's coming!

7) Atlanta---Are the Falcons the most mediocre 11 win team in the NFL? It's one thing to lose on the road but to get blown out at Carolina should give many fans a reason to wonder what's going on. They win and lose close games. They have no killer instinct and rarely blow any one out of the stadium. This week they can prove many wrong as the New York Giants are coming to town. We'll see if it's poor play or if their talent level really is just middle of the road after this Sunday.

8) Seattle---At least the Seahawks can win the games they are supposed to win in impressive fashion. Not too many 58-0's in NFL each year. Wow! They need to play every game at home. And the Rams and the 49ers are still on the home game menu. They won on the road in their last game and this week their away game is on a neutral site to some degree as they play Buffalo in Toronto. I believe that this squad loves playing for their pom-pom rooting Coach Pete Carroll.

9) Indianapolis---It's doubtful that any expert or fan outside of someone from Santa Anita Horse Park that loves horseshoes on helmets, picked the Colts to have 9 wins at this point or thru the remainder of the season. The Colts may get to meet the playoff bound Broncos in what would be the GAME of the Year. Something special is happening in Indy- the entire team and fan base has rallied around more than just the play of Andrew Luck. It's their Coach- Chuck Pagano- that has changed the face of Indy (the team and the city). They seem to be highly motivated with him in the back of their minds, as they set to do their task. At least one question was answered this year: How do you replace Peyton Manning? With a little Luck!!

10) Chicago---Some team has to be Number 10 and with Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Baltimore AND Chicago all losing, it's the Bears turn. Their loss was expected by this handicapper as I trusted the Minnesota Vikings as my Fortune 500 Game of the Year. Without Urlacher, Adrian Peterson was able to take the game ball out of Christian Ponder's hands and run wild. This week the Bears can put that loss behind them with a win against the Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field. Battle of the fewer Injuries.



11) Pittsburgh---Just when you thought it was safe, the San Diego Chargers were delayed another week from firing Norv as they embarrassed Steeler Nation!!

12) Baltimore---The Ravens had the game in their control before a late 8 point rally and OT loss put on them by the Redskins. Shame -- Shame!! And with a back-up quarterback no less!

13) Washington---Kirk Cousin got a win under his belt when RGIII went down. And it was incredible. Now he has a beatable Browns team this week while RGIII can rest his knee...if he chooses to do so.

14) Cincinnati---Hard to believe that the Bengals blew their 4th quarter lead to an emotionally drained Cowboy's team. Look at the bigger picture they must feel: the Ravens and Steelers both lost and they failed to move up! This may be a long week at practice!!

15) Dallas---They didn't do it for owner Jerry Jones. But they did it for memory of teammate Jerry Brown. With a 20-19 win on the road in the final seconds, maybe the Cowboys can win out and get to 10 wins. After last weeks heart felt loss of life, the Cowboys should follow up that win for Jerry Brown thru the remainder of the season and show the nation why they're still "America's Team".
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