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NFL Top 10

   by Wayne Root - 11/13/2012


1) Houston---There's a new Sheriff in town. The Texans slipped in and out of Chicago, won the game and returned to Houston as the Number 1 team in the NFL. These boys do it all in the fact that even by losing the heart and soul of their defense, Brian Cushing, they shutdown the Bears offense. They can win by running the ball and the balance and leadership that Matt Schaub offers is second to none. This may be their year as no one else in the AFC is overly dominant and the road to the Super Bowl goes thru the home team.

2) Atlanta---Wayne Root smelled this upset the first time he looked at the saints at home getting points and playing their division rival. This team had NOT played a real team. At one point when they were 7-0, the combined record of the opponents they had defeated was 18-32. The Saints had won 3 of their last 4 games and still believe. Nevertheless, this is a team that over-all has what it takes to win the Super Bowl and it starts and ends with Matt "Mattie Ice" Ryan.

3) San Francisco---I really believe that no NFL team should play for 5 quarters and come out with a tie. If at the end if they are still tied, give it to the visiting team. (So Coach Harbaugh would still be hot!) What's wrong with doing it as the college teams do? The 49ers have more to worry about than a tie. They lost their starting QB for this upcoming week with a concussion. Colin Kaepernick from Nevada is a rookie; but a decent one at that. What happened to that elite defense of the 49ers as they gave up 460 yards of offense? This week they host the Bears, a team that also has a QB with a concussion.

4) Green Bay---The Pack is Back and they are healthy and ready to destroy their division opponents the second half of the season. Aaron Rodgers has put the defenses to the test with his quick-strike offense and has been torching D's with TD's the past 5 games. Speaking of D, they find themselves in Detroit this week as a small road favorite. Let's see how they come out after two weeks off and see it the momentum is still there.

5) Denver---Did anyone believe that Peyton Manning would be this good 4 months ago after a year off and 2 surgeries? If you did, you should become an NFL scout. He is a genius on both sides of the ball. He reads defenses so well and orchestrates his own offense perfectly based on those reads and has everyone in perfect harmony. Throw in a couple of great pass rushers, Dumervil and Miller when Manning is on the sidelines, then you can start to believe in the entire team that Elway so proudly smiles about. This week is the REMATCH! Remember a few weeks ago when San Diego Chargers blew an insurmountable first half lead and ended up losing the game? We'll have to see if the Chargers have the heart to repay the Broncos back.

6) Chicago---The Bears go as Jay Cutler goes. Not that he was setting any records when he went down. Hopefully the Bears don't let this season get away from them. They face some huge hurdles. Losing to the Texans is not the worst thing that could ever happen. Now traveling to play San Francisco coming off a rare tied game and having to do it without their starting QB is another matter. Not sure how the concussion for both Jay and his opponent, Alex Smith, will pan out until their Doctors clear them to play. And if that's not enough, the Pack is back and breathing heavily down their neck!!

7) Pittsburgh---What an easy bet Monday for Wayne Root and Company by taking the Chiefs in the most classic sandwich game in recent memory. The Steelers had beaten the Giants on the road the prior week and have their most feared division rival this upcoming week as they host the Baltimore Ravens on National Sunday Night NBC TV. Throw in some bad weather and 13 points and it's off to the cash Window with a Chiefs winning ticket! But what happens this week with Ben Roethlisberger hurt with a shoulder sprain. Better stay tuned as Wayne Allyn Root will be updating information on this and many other injuries to "key" players. And not having Troy Polamalu play due to a calf injury may also be something you want to check back on.

8) Baltimore---How many wanted to ship the Lombardi Trophy to the Ravens after they scored 55 points last week in a game in which QG Joe Flacco was great? They dominated on the defensive and offensive sides of the ball. Their special teams were playing with passion. Did I fail to mention they were at home...playing Oakland Raiders? Oh well, still a nice 55-20 victory. This week it is their biggest game so far this season as they travel to play the Pittsburgh Steelers. The division lead is their's to grad, hold and dominate for the remainder of the year with a Sunday night win!

9) New England---The Patriots came out of their own home field with a win over Buffalo and are ready to start their move to the Super Bowl. Their division should be theirs so they get to work on AFC home field advantage the rest of the season. Their offense is always consistent due to Tom Brady BUT their defense needs to be coached to focus and play against the task at hand. Sometimes, they are good but there are time they can look really bad. It'll be interesting to see how they play Andrew Luck this week being that they have no history with him and are laying a big number.

10) Seattle---This is one STRONG home team. They are a perfect 5-0 of domination in Seattle. But what about the same team playing on the road? They are 1-4 but with a dominant defense, a learning rookie QB and a good running back in Lynch, they have what it takes to turn that around and grad a few road wins. No team wants to play and practice for 7 months and have to go into Seattle for one game during the playoffs and lose their entire season in 60 minutes. I love Coach Carroll's College passion and would really like to see them in the playoffs. But, they have to learn how to win without that 12th man; their fans. They have a bye this week so maybe they should fly out of town to practice.


11) New York Giants---They are 0-2 this month and play Green Bay the last week of November after this week's bye.

12) Indianapolis---They really are starting to look like a playoff team. Andrew Luck only know how to win. We'll see this week at New England how that works out.

13) Minnesota---Adrian Peterson is the MVP of the league. Can you believe a wild-card is still possible?

14) Cincinnati---Not that they are good but beating the Giants helped. Playing KC next can't hurt. And Baltimore and Pittsburgh having key injuries can make anything possible with AJ Green and Andy Dalton.

15) Tampa Bay---This team might not go anywhere but they are the last team with a winning record.

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