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NFL Top 10

   by Wayne Root - 11/01/2012

1) Atlanta---The Falcons kicked Reid, Vick and the Eagles butts last week. The public was convinced that the Falcons would fall as Reid was 13-0 off the bye week. It never happened. The Falcons needed until Nov. 27 to score their seventh victory last season. This week they are at home playing the Cowboys on NBC TV as the NFL's only undefeated team.

2) NY Giants---Hard to figure this team out week to week. Even harder to figure year to year. Seventh time in nine New York seasons Tom Coughlin has gone 6-2 or better in the first half. Only twice has he won at least five in the second half. They played a very good game last week vs. Cowboys and this week they host the Steelers. Can't wait to see which way they turn this weekend.

3) Houston---The Texans were off last week. Teams off bye weeks have fared well and Houston is still at home as they play Buffalo. They should move to 7-1.

4) San Francisco---Kudos to Alex Smith on his record setting 18 of 19 completions Monday against Arizona. But the game ball still is on the defensive side. The 49ers held Arizona to 7 yards rushing on Monday night, the lowest total for an opponent since 1972. I would think you could fall forward for more than 7 yards in 60 minutes. Let's give them this weekend off.

5) Chicago---They lead the NFC-North at 6-1. The offense is still not consistent, but fortunately for the Bears, their defense is a scoring machine. Down all afternoon to the Panthers, the Bears fought back and won in dramatic fashion. This week they are on the road at Tennessee; a somewhat improving team.

6) Green Bay---The Pack is 5-3 at the halfway mark. They were not dominant against the Jags, but a win's a win, and the Packers are starting to string them together. Chicago better not look back as both sides of the Packers ball are in the groove. They are home again in back to back double digit roles as they host the getting lower by the week Arizona Cardinals.

7) New England---Long Live the Queen!! The Patriots were very Patriotic in England as they showed our former Countrymen how NFL football is played. It's as if they feel a sense of belonging across the pond. New England feels at home in England and the Queen should Knight the Commissioner and land a team for London. The Patriots have scored 80 points in two trip since 2009. They are on "Holiday" this week!!

8) Denver---Manning look oh so good last Sunday night as the Broncos toasted the Saints.This is what John Elway expected when he went after Peyton Manning. The Broncos are in first place in the AFC West. With not an ounce of talent behind them in their division life is great!! But they get to play a sometimes dangerous Bengals team this Sunday.

9) Pittsburgh---Let's review. Ben can pass really great. But he could sure use a running back to run, block and decoy. Walla! Jonathan Dwyer became the first Steeler to rush for more than 100 yards in consecutive games since Willie Parker in 2008. Defensively, I keep waiting for something to fall but it never seems to happen. This week they really need to put it together against the NY Giants.

10) Baltimore---The Ravens are right where they want to be. They are 5-2 in the AFC-North and are coming off a bye week. They play at Cleveland this weekend and the bad news for the Browns might be that Baltimore is 4-0 following bye weeks under coach John Harbaugh, including a 15-point win over Houston last year.

11) Miami---If Ryan Tannehill is sidelined, the Dolphins will turn to Matt Moore, who proved last season he can lead this team to wins. They play Indy this week. And the Colts are learning how to Win.

12) Seattle---Russell Wilson and the offense is starting to gel and now the defense can't be found. They play the Vikings this week.

13) Dallas---Romo is NOT the problem. At least not one of the first of two major problems. Jason Garrett coaching and Jerry Jones as the GM are more glaring. Can't fire Jones so that only leaves Garrett. Try upsetting the Falcons this week!!

14) Minnesota---Ponder is good....most of the time. The rest of the team is good as a unit on both sides. But no one will over-look this team as they have done in the past. Especially this week as they travel to Seattle.

15) Tampa Bay---The Bucs have scored at least 28 points in their past three games after failing to exceed 26 in any game last season. They should continue at Oakland this week moving the ball

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