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The Real Value in Specializing

   by Bryan Leonard - 01/19/2009

Do you ever wonder when you're in a Las Vegas sports book why the limits are so low on certain bets while the house will let you bet anything you want on others? Why are NFL side action wager limits so much higher than totals? Now about NBA side selection limits as opposed to WNBA totals? How about MLB sides as opposed to Tennis wagers? It all comes down to how comfortable the sports book manager is about the numbers he sets. With everyone and their brother knowing all about each NFL team the book is more than willing to let you lay whatever you like on a side play knowing the house has a well informed opinion. But ask the man on the street about the Arena Football League and he likely couldn't tell you the number of teams in the league.

Most professional sports bettors that I know here in Las Vegas specialize in a certain type or sport of preference. There are guys who do nothing but bet NFL totals and when they have an opinion I listen. There are others who make their money by betting the Arena Football League and if they recommend a play I'm on it. Still others specialize in NBA quarter bets and make a living doing so. While the limits are much lower the edge is far greater. That's why the books have lower limits on these type of bets, because they know they can be beaten. In fact, many books in town won't take certain action because they know they will only get wise guy money. They would much rather have action on NFL sides where the wise guy money is balanced with general public perception.

So in order to maximize profit you should concentrate on minor sports or segments of the major sports that have an edge. Next time you're in a Las Vegas casino go up and ask about the wagering limits for each segment of the betting board, that will tell you what you should be spending your time handicapping.

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