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Keys To A Successful NFL Preseason

   by Tom Stryker - 08/04/2007

The NFL Pre-Season can provide you with plenty of money-making opportunities. All it takes is a little bit of discipline and the ability to uncover “meaningfulâ€쳌 information. For the past 24 years, I’ve been enjoying a profitable August simply because I’ve paid close attention to what I call the “Pre-Season Keysâ€쳌! Here they are:


It’s been nearly six months since you placed your last football wager on the Super Bowl and many of you are ready to jump into the Pre-Season and unload simply because there is action on the gridiron again. I can understand your excitement and can certainly relate. However, firing at will in August can be hazardous to your wallet especially if you haven’t done your homework. Let’s be realistic. The football season will last until the Super Bowl kicks off on Sunday, February 3rd, 2008. Why in the world would you want to blow your entire bankroll on what are truly just controlled scrimmages? Relax and attack. The internet provides us with incredible information on every team in the league and it is easy to get a pulse on what certain squads want to do when. Some are vocal and want to get out of the gate quickly. Others focus on the third week of the Pre-Season when most teams play its starters for three full quarters. Just like the pros, we as investors need to go through our own “pre-seasonâ€쳌. Try and use the month of August to fine tune your skills and keep your plays to a minimum. Step out when you feel an air of confidence and have all the buy signs going in your favor. Play safe and be smart! There’s nothing worse than starting the college football season with no money in your pocket!


I touched on this in the first Key and will elaborate a little more in step number two. Thanks to the internet, information on every team in the league can be right at your fingertips. Local newspapers and actual team websites are filled with valuable information. For example, in the Pre-Season, some head coaches will be vocal about their intentions for upcoming games. They will come right out and say why they want to win this contest for one reason or another. There will be other coaches that talk about evaluating depth. That’s extremely important! Would you want to invest your hard earned money on a team that is anxious to pick up a victory matched up against an opponent that is evaluating depth? Of course not! By doing your homework you will be in tune with the gameplan of every NFL team!


After an unsuccessful season, NFL teams will be hungry to get that bad taste out of their mouths. I always look to “play onâ€쳌 those squads coming off an embarrassing run. Pay close attention to those “losersâ€쳌 that are being led by a new coach in the Pre-Season. Historically speaking, these captains will always seek to get things started the right way with a victory. On the flip side, those NFL teams that are returning off a stellar year might not take their first exhibition game too seriously and wait until later to crank things up a bit. Those teams that made deep runs into the playoffs will be early targets especially against those foes that were stone cold losers from the year before.

** A list of the new head coaches for this season can be found after this article.


Believe me, there are some very strong technical situations that exist in the NFL Pre-Season. I like to have technical support on my games because it gives my selection a firm backbone for success. These systems have withstood the test of time and all make good sense. Please don’t get confused by some of the “garbageâ€쳌 information that is out there. For example, do you really want to invest your hard earned dollars because you read somewhere that the Minnesota Vikings were 5-1 ATS at home on Saturday’s in the Pre-Season? Of course not! That team trend is nothing more that garbage. Instead, seek out good systems that come with great rationale and history.


Arizona Cardinals – Ken Whisenhunt replaces Dennis Green

Atlanta Falcons – Bobby Petrino replaces Jim Mora

Dallas Cowboys – Wade Phillips replaces Bill Parcells

Miami Dolphins – Cam Cameron replaces Nick Saban

Oakland Raiders – Lane Kiffin replaces Art Shell

Pittsburgh Steelers – Mike Tomlin replaces Bill Cowher

San Diego Chargers – Norv Turner replaces Marty Schottenheimer

Best of luck in the NFLX season men. I'll be back next week with more winning Pre-Season information.

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