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No Payback Payday

   by Tom Stryker - 02/10/2007

College basketball teams refer to this contest as "senior night." It is the final home game of the regular season where athletes get one last chance to walk off their homecourt a winner. This is an emotional evening for both players and coaches. There are times when this event leads to a lackluster performance because of all the distractions involved. However, for the most part, this is usually the one game where you know that a home team will give literally everything its got in order to pick up a victory.

Sports handicappers in the industry like to label this battle as an "LHG". There are a bunch of different technical ways a 'capper can break teams down in last home game sets. Some use revenge while others actually go against high priced favorites. Personally, I have 10 reliable Last Home Game Systems in my portfolio and all have made me a ton of money in the past. The one I am going to share with you today is lucky No. 7 and it's called "No Payback Payday". Take a look.

Since 1990, college basketball teams playing in their last home game of the season carry a 1328-1272 ATS record for 51.0 percent. That doesn't give any profit (counting the vig) but it does indicate right off the bat that the potential is there!

With our base in hand, let's make our LHG team affordably priced. After breaking down the lines a number of different ways, I discovered the most profit was found when our host was an underdog or a favorite of -4 or less. In this set, the home team improves to 675-597 ATS for 53.0 percent. This tightener puts us in the black. If you invested $100 per game on all of those last home game sets, you would have pocketed $1,830 in net profit with the juice.

Here's the spot where this system goes from good to great. With our 675-597 ATS on the board, this technical set improves to a sizzling 116-74 ATS for 61.0 percent provided our host owns a won/loss percentage of .375 or better and they are not playing with revenge. By eliminating bad teams and those that might be playing with too much emotional energy (revenge sets can do that), this No Payback Payday system now nets a $100 investor $3,460 in net profit. The nice part about that number is you only had to invest on 190 total games instead of 1,272 contests to get that money. Talk about less risk!

There is one additional parameter that can be added to the last tightener that makes this system really pop. If we remove those home teams that won 11 or more games on their homecourt this season, this technical set zips to a blistering 88-45 ATS for 66.1 percent! The stronger homecourts lead to inflated numbers. By taking a team that owns 10 home wins or less we can eliminate those squads that might come overpriced.

The Horizon League has its conference tournament on Tuesday, February 27th and that will officially begin March Madness. These "No Payback Payday" last home game sets will be popping up anytime from the middle of February to the end of the month. Be sure to hang on to this powerful college basketball system. It will definitely make you money in the weeks to come! I'll be back next Friday with another informative handicapping article. Best of luck this weekend, Tom Stryker.

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